Harry couldn't help, but feel that something was wrong. This feeling was clawing at his guts. He decided to talk it out to Sia," This whole Dubai project.... seems suspiscious to me!" He trailed off still observing Sia trying to understand, what she was playing at, while she just smirked at him in reply. He slumped back realising what she was doing from the start.

"What do you mean by suspiscious, Harry?" Mr Holmes inquired in a confused tone, which amused Sia.

She laughed, " It's so funny to me, how you all assess me always wanting to know what I am thinking about!" Harry's wild guess clearly amused her. He was not what people thought of him.

" What does this all mean, Sia?!" Mr Holmes raised his eyebrows at Sia. He wanted answers, to soothe his burning curiosity.

Sia pressed back in the sofa, leisurely, " What am I going to do with you all?!~" She singsang, which pro
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