Standing in front of two old graves, Sia did not know what she exactly felt. She never knew these two people. Luther Martin and Lily Martin yet their connection was deeper than anything else. Their blood ran in her veins and pumped through her heart. But she was not used to this. Her whole life, she had known only herself and her loneliness. Nothing else. She was so used to it that the term family scared her now.

Shaking her head, Sia turned around to leave. They were dead and she had to move on from all of it once again.

All important people in her life were either dead or they left her like Harry was going to do.

A red rose was clutched tightly in her hands. It was so surprising that Lara, Lucas and even John and Emily's new graves were in the same cemetry. Her parents were so close to her yet she never knew.

And now, when she knew everything, it did not make any difference.

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