“ I am going to leave now. ” She whispered and looked up in his eyes that were open now as his heart dropped down to the pit of his stomach.

“ What do you mean by this?! ” Hardin pulled away from her and asked in a cold tone as Sia gazed up in his eyes thoughtfully. “ What do you mean by leaving?! ” He asked again with hysteria clear in his eyes.

Sia heaved in a heavy breath before grabbing his hands and pushing them off her arms.

She looked in his eyes for a moment before replying in a determined tone. “ I am going to take Emma and I am going to leave from here. I am going to go somewhere far from here. ”

Hardin's eyes went wide realising what she was hinting at. She was talking about leaving him. She was telling him that it was over between them. It was over before it even started.

“ No. No! You can't do that! ” He growle
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