“ What? What did you say? ” Hardin shook his head, his heart pounding in his ears. He was wondering if what he heard was really what she spoke just now.

“ I will stay. I said I wil-will stay. ” Sia immediately changed her statement, her cheeks starting to heat up.

She had never said I love you to any man before and she felt like she did something out of the world just now. His shocked eyes were making her breath hitch.

“ You said something else. ” Hardin's eyes darkened as a smirk tugged up at the corner of his lips.

He knew that she confessed to him just now but changed her words instantly after that. She felt awkward but he would definitely hear it from her. One way or another.

Sia pulled her hand back feeling nervous and turned around to march closer to the pictures that were hanged on the wall.

Her hands were trembling at her side,
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