Sia turned around in the bed, her eyes opening. She did not know when she fell asleep and woke up just now. Yawning, she focused on the figure laying just beside her with his arm draped over her waist protectively. Her hand reached out to brush off his bangs away from his eyes with her fingers gently as he sighed in his sleep.

An unconscious smile was tugged up at the corners of Sia's lips. Her thumb slowly drew circles on his cheek with her eyes taking in the sight before her.

She had never thought that it was possible for Hardin to love her. It all felt like a lie at first but the sincerity in his eyes and the determination in his voice drove all fear away. Now there was only him and there was only her. Nothing else mattered.

Atleast she could try thinking like that but she still had a hard time adjusting to this new thing. She pushed herself off the bed as she grabbed her clothes to wear them.

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I think this chapter is the same as surprising proposal

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