“ We are going to marry next week. ” Hardin dropped the bomb on her and Sia's jaw hanged low in shock.

Now, this was what they called going overboard with everything. Sia thought and whipped her head around to argue with him again when his hands made their way to her sides for the second time.

“ Hardin Please. Listen to me. ” Sia placed her hands on his wet chest and sighed. Hardin's hands paused, his eyes assessing her expressions.

“ I am listening. ” He smiled, pushing Sia's hair behind her ear softly.

Sia heaved a heavy breath not knowing what to say to him. She did not know why she still felt so scared of everything.

“ Don't you want to be with me? Don't you want everyone to know that we are married? ” Hardin whispered, his eyes noticing her expressions that changed to one of horror.

“ No. No. It's nothing like th
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