Chapter 8

" Brother Gasus! I guess I’ll leave my family in your hands. "

" Why? "

" I want to go to the academy. I need to gain power using my own knowledge and talent. "

" It’s a good idea, considering your abilities, you’ll do better in the academy than staying here. But I doubt that your brothers will let you off. "

" I know, that’s why I’ve been preparing for a week now. My parents died when I was seventeen, so I don’t have so much time in my hands. "

" You are right. Considering this thing that you gave me, it’s amazing! We can talk without sending letters, how did you come up with it? Are you using some knowledge from the future? "

" I made it using alchemy. You know when you know something, and the way it works, you can copy it. I made it in my last life when there was a war. It came in handy when we wanted to contact the centre. I am the one who made it so that nothing will change that much. Anyway, take care of them. I am counting on you. "

I switch off the communicator because I heard noises in the corridor. Probably, it’s my brothers coming to give me a good night kiss.

I had a sleepless night.

" Mom, Dad, I want to go to the academy. There is a test coming soon, and I desire to take it. "

" Heeeeee! What kind of request it this ? " stated mother.

" Bonine, are you already tired of us ? " asked Durian.

" Bonine, big brother didn’t bother you at all, why do you want to leave me alone ? " said Damien.

" Bonine, if you want to study, I can call for a teacher, " added father.

What kind of family says these things? If I stay here, my future is ruined. I’ll go no matter what. I cast a fire spell, making a small fire in my hands is a child’s play for me. Look, I can do more than that. Just say, yes. Oooh! I ignored. I lost my manners.

" I learnt this at home. I want to learn more. "

" My daughter is a genius, " stated father.

" My baby is so adorable. Casting a fire spell cute like her" added mother.

" Bonine is charming when she is angry, " remarked Damien.

" Hmpf !!! ", said brother Durian.

Oooh God! My family is the weirdest in the world. Instead of getting upset, I feel weird. I need to go there. I remember that the war that happened was a bloody one. It wasn’t against humans like us, but it was humanity against demons. We indeed won, but a lot lost their lives. It was a hellish life! No matter where you looked, you’d find mourning families. For the first time, all humanity was in this, together. Some indeed took the rise, some took the fall, but the most important thing is that a lot died. I can prevent this, or at least minimise the damages that will be done.

" Father, Mother, Brother Durian, Brother Damien. It is something that I must do. I hope that my family won’t stand in the face of my future. "

They were shocked, hearing me talk like that, but I need to do it as one who knows the future, a dreadful future, that I must prevent from happening. We can’t escape from fate, but we can lower the damages or raise the benefits.

" My baby has grown up. She even learnt magic, isn’t it amazing? I guess we can’t stop you here. You are free to go. We won’t stop you but if you need support. We are here for you, " said mother.

" Thank you! I’ll make you proud of me! "I say, smiling.

" What are you saying, Bonine? Big brother will always be here for you. "

" Daughter! Don’t say these things, no matter what happens. You will always be our pride. "

I didn’t expect them to be this cooperative. It didn’t take long, I wonder why. I am not going to waste any time. I need to go tomorrow before they change their mind again.

I didn’t take long for me to go to the academy. I wanted to pass the test, but my age was lower than the minimum required, I had to ask father to pay the tuition to get in, anyway, father insisted, he said that it was a support for me. Money makes the world go around. But I had to take a mini-test, of course, to see if I can use magic.

Hundred of students dressed in black uniforms. I wanted to take the test so badly for getting in without any money, but my family insisted that I will get in using their help, it was a condition for me to go. There were a lot of people, and I was excited. I gaze at the multiple students standing around me. I did come wearing plain clothes then I changed to my uniform. In the midst of the gathering, I notice someone staring at me. What is the charmed with my beauty? I smile at him. He didn’t pay much attention to my smile and turned his head away. He had black hair and blue eyes. What am I expecting that I’ll get praise?

A woman dressed in a black outfit for teacher come on the pulpit. With her entering, the sound of the streaming music stopped. By the time everyone was quiet, the teacher had opened her mouth.

" Welcome everyone to the Bendione school academy. Nice to meet you. I am Professor Dina Ackerdin. I know that many of you come from different countries, so cheer up and begin a new year full of joy and studies. But unfortunately, all of you who come here can’t stay all year. You must be the best of the best to stay. Every future test will be decisive. If you don’t pass, you are eliminated. SO work hard for your future. "

Depending on the tradition of this school, there is an eliminating conquest called the Bendione tests. Every test is unique. You can have a fighting one or a writing test. All depends on your luck. Every year, the tests change, so no one could predict what it is. There is an upcoming test that isn’t eliminating. It’s one that has a purpose of classing all the students. I mustn’t get the first place, laying low is good.

This path is one that I chose for myself. It’s something that I didn’t do in my last life.

The professor who was talking on the pulpit specified that the test that will be done for the Classement would be concentrated on how we will act depending on the situation. They didn’t want to reveal what kind of test we will pass. Trying to guess is meaningless in this situation. I’ll aim for the thirteenth position, to stay a little low, a little high, in the middle.

I sit in a bench in an open-air place where there are many plants; The academy’s garden. I need to clear my thoughts to pass the test. I won’t lie. I feel stressed. It’s my first time attending an academy.

" I’ve been looking everywhere for you ? ", said a senior to me.

" Excuse me, but who are you? "

" When the entrance ceremony is over, you need to go to the reception place, not coming here to take a nap, " she added without answering me.

" Oooh my! Such a careless mistake from me. I hope that you’ll excuse me, but no one notified us to do so. It must be the fault of the one in charge. " I smile as hard as I can.

I don’t want to be rude, but she was the arrogant one first, no one told us where we should head after the entrance, and I am not the only one walking in the pathways. So you mustn’t pick on me.

" How?  I guess it’s not a big deal! You must be Bonine Rayginaz. "

" Right. I am sorry not to pay attention to. "

" I am Daniel Mayer, a student in the third year. Whatever. I was rude first, so I am sorry. "

" Nice to meet you! I guess you are my mentor for today. I’ll be in your care! " I bow my head a little.

" I’ll be in your care as well. By the way, you are beautiful, and I can feel that you aren’t a bad person, if you need any ask me. "

« How can you be sure that I am a good person? I can always play, pretend! »

« I have an eye for people. »

Her name is Daniel Mayer. I’ll keep it in mind. For our first counter, the impression that she gives me is that she’s a reckless person. Speaking the way she likes, acting the way she likes, she doesn’t care about what the others say behind her. I hope that we’ll have a good relationship. I don’t want to have any enemies.

" You don’t need to be worried about the entrance exam! "

" I am stressed and nervous, but I’ll try to calm down. "

" Good! That’s the spirit! I feel you’ll do well. "

" Thank you! You are a kind mentor. "

" Hehe! Don’t flatter me, " she rubs her nose.

She showed me around the academy explaining what every place is used for. She’ll be a great one in the future. I don’t remember that much about her. She is just a commoner in the eye of the others, but she is amazing in the eye of the true warriors. I remember that she was brilliant in fending off the enemy. I wasn’t close enough since I lived hidden in the shadows.

Within this academy, discrimination exists. The nobles are given privileges and are well-trained comparing to the commoners that got in bypassing the eliminating entrance test. When I was walking through the corridors, I saw it. The commoners weren’t given proper meals or dorms. Even if you are extremely talented, you’ll always be under someone’s shoe because they drag them down. That made Daniel grow in my eyes more. She is a commoner, yet she rose high, soaring like a phoenix.

" By the way, do you know even how this academy operates. "

" No! Can you clear my ignorance? "

" Stop talking so weirdly. I know that you, nobles, speak strangely, take it easy in front of me. I don’t bite, so talk informally, I won’t be offended. "

" But I am comfortable, speaking this way. I don’t… "

" There is don’t. I am bigger than you, so you must listen to me. "

What kind of logic is that? But she is lively. I won’t let my guard down. If I do so, I don’t know where a raging dog will come and bite me. Talking about raging dogs…

" Look who’s here? The stupid Rayginaz. You must be angry and envious of me because I am better than you, " said Alma.

Alma, the stupid wench who plotted against me. It’s good that you’re here. I’ll smile for you all you want, but you will be under me seeing me smiling from above. Don’t dream too high because a chicken never flies!

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