Chapter 41

« Hey Bonine, do you know what Edward’s servants say about him ? » said Davina.

After speaking to my father, I returned to my room. I wanted to think more about what he said to me. The Azur order really exists, but why is my father such an important thing from us? And why is it even secretive? The world is full of weird things. I was lying thinking when Davina came and lied down next to me. I can see that she didn’t sleep well too.

« No, how they talk about him? » I asked.

« I thought that you heard it. I am disappointed, you who is sensitive about everything that is said about him. »

« I never cared about people’s talk; you know how women tend to change the reality of things. »

« You’re right. I heard a maid saying that a beast tamer appear

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