Chapter 47

I felt that something was going to happen. My mind was restless this whole afternoon. I changed my clothes in a simple dress. I can’t deny that I had a hard time calming Caroline, who was scared to get exposed. I am glad for one thing; I gave all my family jewels that have a special stone, as long as they are wearing it, I would sense that they are okay. Once the stone gets destroyed, I would feel it and rush to help them. As long as he has it, I won’t feel worried about anything.

« My Lady, you won’t sleep. It’s already past 10, » said Caroline.

I stared at her and asked if my father got back from the castle; she shook her head negatively. I requested her to make another teacup. I had already decided to stay awake until my father returned. I closed my eyes, resting my head against the sofa. The sleep submerged me, but I had to make sure that my father was alright. I was

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