Chapter 48

« I am sorry father, but you should go somewhere else, » I whispered.

« I won’t… »

« You don’t have any choice. I am sending you. I’ll see you if I could. »

I don’t know where I sent my father, but I made sure to fuel the spell enough for it. I know that this might be a mistake, but I wasn’t going to let my father hinder me. He exhausted all of his mana.

« I will be your opponent, William, » I said, taking my sword out and pointing it towards him.

« I don’t want to fight you, Lady Bonine. I know that you have exceptional skills, but you won’t be able to fight me. »

« How would I know if I don’t try? »

« Lady Bonine, I wa

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salt and
are we ever going to get any updates?
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Jim Sliger
is this novel a dead end now?? if it is then I will delete it. it's been 2 weeks and no updates
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Jim Sliger
looking forward to more. please
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