Chapter 5

** Interview**

She woke up restless and panicked and turned on the light beside her bed. She grabbed her hair and pulled out the drawer beside her bed. The petal of cherry blossom that would prove that it wasn't just a mere nightmare.

She picked it up and tried again to cut off her hand with it. It cut her hand and then, healed as nothing has happened. She thought herself as an unusual human being.

" Am I really a witch like that used to say me? Where in the hell are Athena and her friends? Where have they gone ?" she murmured to herself and then, she couldn't sleep after that. She took out her phone and applied for the job application in the company.

If she gets this job, then her life would surely change for the better. The high remuneration, bonus and incentives, trips, and her own pace of accommodation given by the company as written on the notice. Plus, a large company means large piles of work, and large piles of work mean working a lot that she would never have time to remember this sort of thing because of that and she didn't want to have more of the problems in her life. So, she always kept it a secret.

Everybody vanished, even Aries, and the last moment when she saw Aries made her confused and always curious about what exactly he was. Was he real? Or was it just her infatuation because he was the only one person who she spoke to.

She heard a knock on the door.

"Who could it be at this time?" she asked to herself.

She opened the door and then, there was a loud," WOOOOOOSH," screaming of a girl that Heidi nearly jumped and fell on the ground.

" Heid ( Heidi in short form )love what were you so scared of ?" she asked me. She could see the polythene in which there were pizza and beer. Heidi could clearly see that. The pizza was her favorite one and the one with the extra cheese is just wow. She would just forget everything when she sees the warm pizza and the beer.

She stood up and smiled and said," You sure know how to make up my mood. Why did you come at late night ?" Heidi asked getting the polythene from Katie's hand.

" Arghhhh.....everyday drama you see. My mom and dad are going crazy today as well. Sometimes, I feel my mom and dad are the best comedians and we are running the circus in our home. They don't get sick of impressing themselves in front of each other. Like how can both of them, think so highly of themselves. I get sick of their nonsense talks," she said getting inside and plopping on the couch.

Heidi picked up the pillow beside Katie and then, sat and started to open the box of pizza and the beer.

" So, you decided to barge into my place," Heidi said biting the triangle pizza and then sipping the beer from the can.

" My love... you are the only one I can depend on after my parents. You know how much I love you, right," she made such a cute puppy face and pouted at me.

" Don't you dare act cute in front of me. I am aware of all of your tricks. Just eat and sleep for now," Heidi said stuffing the pizza in her mouth.

Katie saw the newspaper lying on the table and looked at it.

" Are you trying to apply at EMERALD ?" she asked.

" Do you think I am that so lucky to be appointed there? But I have sent my application. There is no loss in trying, right ?" Heidi said.

" It would be their loss if they miss you," she said stuffing her mouth with pizza.

" Yeah, I am the only person left in this world," Heidi threw the pillow to her and said," Where do you wanna sleep? Bed or in the couch ?" Heidi asked again.

" Can't we just sleep together Heid ?" Katie asked.

" No... never with you. You have such a weird and awful sleeping habits. Fine, I know what you want. Get the bed, I will sleep on the couch," she said and picked her up and tugged her in bed and lied on the couch with a thin sheet of the duvet.

" I wonder what will you do when your husband has more weird habits that he does at night ?" she said teasing Heidi.

" Just sleep, Kate," said Heidi and closed her mouth with a cloth.

She woke up the next morning when her phone buzzed loud. She grabbed her phone lazily and then, picked it up, "Hello," she said in a low and lazy voice.

" Hello! Is this miss Heidi Collin? I am speaking from The Emerald Group of Companies. You have been shortlisted for the interview. Please, reach the company at exactly, 10 am. I mean exactly at 10 am," he said.

She was sobered with what he said. She got up quickly from her bed and tucked her phone in her ear for some time and looked at the wall clock with a pendulum hanging on the wall.

" Ahhhhhh.....," she screamed.

Katie flinched and fell down from the bed with the sheets.

" What? What ?......What happened? Who is here? Did my mom come? Why did you scream?" she said in stammering voice.

" It's already 8 Kat. I am called for an interview at 10," she screamed and hurriedly got out of the couch and then, rushed to the bathroom to take a shower.

She quickly changed into something formal but was looking really hot and beautiful. She wore a beautiful black pencil skirt, white shirt, a little bit of moisturizer and the sunblock over it and painted her lips with beautiful flesh-colored lipstick and added the high volume mascara in her long black eyelashes and combed her hair, dried it, and stuffing a piece of sandwich from the fridge, she rushed out of the room.

Katie was staring at her with her jaws open.

She put on her high heels and then, ran to the bus stop. She constantly looked at her watch and took note of each and every second, that was passing.

" He told exactly at 10. I should reach there exactly at 10," she murmured to herself and then, got on the bus.

Uff... those traffic jams. She was constantly looking at her watch.

She reached in front of the office when it was ten minutes left to ten. She quickly rushed to the reception and then, asked her the interview room and then, hurriedly took the elevator and then, reached there.

There were lots of people and a lady who was on bright lipstick was calling her name," Heidi Collin...Heidi Collin,"

Oh God ! she was still panting so hard and she hadn't even got the chance to mend her face and hair properly.

" I am ...I am Heidi Collin," she raised her hands and got inside the interview hall. She looked at her watch. It was exactly 10. Wow, what a time?

She sat on the chair and then, looked in front of her to the interviewer. Her eyes were stuck on one of the faces in there.

" Aries ?" she whispered with a low voice. And, on the other side, Aries gave her a beautiful smile.

She was puzzled more than being happy to see him. He was her only friend and he was the one who pushed her down from the cliff though she was alive. Though it seemed as a dream but she had proof that it wasn't just a dream.

She was dragged back to the senses with one of the interviewers and yes, she really performed well because she really wanted to be in Emerald, why? Even she didn't know.

After the interview finished she walked out of the room and was told that they would inform if she gets a position in the company. But, she was more than, puzzled in there.

Aries walked out of there and got into the office of the CEO who was turning back and looking outside the city.

" Your Highness, Majesty, do you really think it's her ?" he asked.

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