Chapter 6

** Was it actually nightmare?**

“ Your highness, Majesty, do you really think it’s her ?” Aries asked the CEO of the Emerald.

He didn’t turn his face but he kept on tapping his finger on the table and said,” I am not sure Aries but she makes me feel as she is the one for the ritual. That day is soon, going to finish and this girl can give us our freedom. She can give us the way to eternity and the afterlife. If she is really the one we were looking for,” he replied.

“ Yes, your Majesty but she is really someone who doesn’t know anything. Should we really let her know about this? She is really naïve, your highness,” Aries said.

He raised his index finger and then, turned to him. “ Since when did you start to be kind to her? Remember Aries, she is our sacrificial scapegoat nothing more than that. The kinder you would be with her, the more our ritual will be delayed. Inform everyone that we have found our sacrifice and inform me after talking to the priest, which of the day is auspicious for the sacrificial,” he ordered and signaled him to leave his office.

This man was not a normal man. He could never be. He was the 2500 years old half-dead soul who had an observer way a lot in this world waiting for his eternal afterlife. The 2500 years of  lonesome life had turned him into one of the fiercest, and arrogant creature of the world.

He had learned one thing, to be cruel and to be harsh to the world, not to have any relationship with the world. He never ate with the human. He ate alone and his food contained lots of elixirs prepared by his priests.

He had two forms of body. He was one on the day and the other at the night. To be able to stay as the perfect human being he had to take lots of elixirs. When those elixirs were missed he had pains and a very severe one, the more than that of being hit with hundreds of arrows and swords.

That day, he had missed his elixir and he wasn’t able to control himself. That day, he was at the meeting and he had to walk away from the meeting because his body was having the reactions to it.

That day he had turned in the white mice and ended up in the snowy, place, and bumped into a girl. The girl was stupid she was talking to mice. And, while meeting her, he had slowly started to gain back his body without elixir.


It made me shocked by the guts. I

looked at her from the corner because I  cannot show my changing body to the world. If they see me changing my body then, I would be sent to the research lab as a new specimen to be studied by scientists who were hungry for new inventions and discoveries.

I ordered Aries to take care of her but Aries seemed to have so much fun with the girl. I don’t know why but I wasn’t liking it. I had to check her before I needed to confirm her existence first.

I ordered Aries to find everything about her. I got to know that she was an orphan and she was constantly bullied. So, it was easy for me to get what I wanted when I knew about her.

I just had to change to make her get out of the foster home. And, yes those girls helped me to get her out of the foster home.

“ Your highness, if she isn’t the one, she may die too. You know you cannot touch any of the girls if she has not any connections with your past and if she isn’t your sacrificial offering,” Aries had told me.

“ You’re there Aries. I don’t wanna kill her. If she isn’t the one that I am looking for then you can obviously touch her. You aren’t obligated fully on the curse we share. So, if she isn’t the one then, you have to save her and bring her back to what she is. But, if she is the one then, I have to change her life because she should be the one who should happily accept the sacrifice and should sacrifice herself,” I said with a hopeful voice and prayed that she should be the one though I knew that God had stopped to hear my prayers a long time ago.

When she had run out from there, I had  shuffled her mind and made her see what I wanted to show to her and to my surprise she was really attracted by the aura of the flowers which were actually the aura of mine. She was being attracted to me but I don’t realize where the petals of cherry blossoms were falling and I saw that her hands and arms were cut but she was recovering like so quick and without any trace of cut like a new skin.

I couldn’t understand that and it was decided that I Aries would be the one to push her off the cliff but he didn’t even touch her but she was pushed to off the cliff. I really couldn’t understand what exactly was going on but when she got off the cliff, my senses which were like dead for so long time  started to show the reflex actions in my body.  I jumped off the cliff before she was hit on the ground.

I knew that if she wasn’t the one that I was searching for then, she is going to be killed but I don’t know why but I was activated in my body when she got off the cliff. I reached the ground before she and I jumped up to get her.

When I saw her I was really glad. I really could hold her. That means she was actually the one, I was searching for. My happiness got no boundaries after knowing that. I got her back to her foster home and secretly carried all of the girls who bullied her along with me.

These girls are somewhere repenting for their sins and they have some more to go through.

I remember what the priest had said,” The sacrifice should be happy and sacrificed on her own consent.”

I was cursed because of the woman. I am living the life stuck between the journey between death and life, just because of that curse.

And, I am happy I found my scapegoat, my sacrifice, and my sole key to the journey of the afterlife.

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