Chapter 7

** Getting a job**

It was pre-planned for everything that happened to her. Everything was meant to be like that. She was meant to be bullied. She was meant to be illusional and she was meant to fall off the cliff just because someone was checking up on him and was still gonna check up on her.

Her life was totally going to be changed after she had joined the company because it wasn’t the company she yearned to work but it was the company she was trapped in to be there. The boy, the newspaper, the charms on the face of the CEO, and the vacancy announcement, they were all trap to bring her there, to bring their sacrificial offering to themselves.

He was cursed. Cursed with one of the strongest curses, he was stopped from leaving the world and joining the destination of the eternal afterlife. Only, a suitable sacrifice who should be a woman could break it.

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