Chapter 8

** Lone Again**

Heidi was more than just a shocked. She expected Aries would remember her and they would be talking something like friends but no, it was different. Instead, he didn’t even ask, how she was  she all these years. Life is such a ridiculous thing right? Who knew that one day, it would turn like this? She thought deep and took a bus home.

When she reached her room, she heard some sounds from the inside. Who could it be? No one comes to her home and literally no one except Katie as she had no one who could come to her home. She could even hear the sounds of the guy in there.

She quickly opened the door and then, stared at her room. There were the outfits scattered on the floor. The female one. Was it Katie? She walked further and she saw the male outfits another minute. She picked up those clothes a

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