Chapter 15

** Punishment for a rule breaker**

She had such a tough time in the company for the first day. She was like sprinting the whole day. Being new and of a lower position really sucked for her. People take you for granted. The employees in the marketing department were getting her run for every small thing they could even do themselves.

From running the simple errand to getting coffee and all. Some were even asking to bring the things that were just some steps away from them. 

When the clock struck at 5, she was more than happy because her little slim legs were now going to get rest, they were going to relax.

But, she was assigned to run some errands even at that time. She twisted her lips and breathed a heavy sigh and swore at herself. She met Aries on the way for the errand. He was already going back.

" feels good to be CEO," she talked to herself and ran for the errand.

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