Chapter 110

**Kill him**


Where am I to search him? Where would he be? I had not even a single idea. What could have he done to him? My mind was all blank.

I had almost three hours, fucking three hours to find him but I wasn't able to find him. Where could he be?

" No..., No..., you couldn't leave me just like that," I stuttered when I heard the voice of a child crying far away.

I directed my steps towards the cries. The place was quite afar and in between dense forest. What the hell a child could be doing here, at this hour of darkness although the moon was on its full radiance.

When I reached there a child was being scared to hell and crawling back from his place. He looked innocent and scared.

" Little, what happen? Why are you here at this time of night?" I asked him. My hear

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