Chapter 111

**I gave him a pain**

Her eyes locked in the eyes of the wolf for seconds of time. His vague and dilated visions make her more into his eyes.

In the eyes of the wolf, she was seeing the love, care, and concern instead of abhor. The only person who looked at her like that, who had the visions similar to that was only Ezio.

"NO...NO...," she cried. It was Ezio. She didn't know how he turned into the wolf and she was deceived by his beasty appearance.

She cursed herself, cursed herself for not being able to recognize her own love. She felt awful as death as she saw him groaned and squirmed in pain.

The painful groans were leaving out of his beasty mouth and she was trying to avoid herself from crying out loud so that it couldn't hurt him anymore.

Hadius had played with his elixirs.


How can so much

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