Chapter 112

Chapter 112

**The last choice for me**


2500 years are not a joke. I waited to be awakened and reborn as a human just to be with him in these 2500 years old and he waited for me in these 2500 years old even without knowing it's me who he had been actually waiting for.

We have been in love which only nature could explain, which only the god could explain to us. Humans have no definition and no explanations for our love.

It's been up and down, highs and lows and to and fro all this along. We lived on some good memories and some bad memories all this time. I wanted to live a long life with him. I wanted to get married to him and have his superpowered children along with him.

Hold their little hands and play along with our magic and teach them the magic gracefully together with him. But, it was all a vain. We were destined to be separated from each other

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