Chapter 113

*I was time travelled**


He tricked me. He tricked us one more time. I was clear of my ambition, that I would be dying and following him but he tricked me. Heaven tricked me.

How can heaven even do that?

" Mam, you're alive and you've been in bed for about a month," the young girl in the black suit said.

" Why are you calling me mam? Who are you?" I asked her.

" Mam, you've been in a car accident a month ago. It was a huge accident and nobody had believed that you would survive that accident. We are really glad to have you back mam. I am your assistant and you are CEO of The Emerald Group of companies," she smiled.

" What? Isn't this rubbish? Why would I be the CEO of the company? I am the fiancé of the CEO, not the owner?" I said confidently.

All of them were dazzled with my statement.

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