Chapter 114

**My life without him is hell**


This was... the same place where we have departed. The place where he left me for the last time. Is this the same year or is it still 2030?

What was that? What was that 2030 thing and what was that son thing?

I looked at myself. I was alright. Nothing was on my skin. I quickly curled up my tops and folded it up to view the piercing I had done in my heart. The piercing was...gone. Even the cut in my hand was gone.

I was deceived again.

"You deceived me heaven. You deceived me. How could you even do that? I was supposed to go to heaven and to be with him. How can you deceive me like that?" I shouted lifting my head to heaven.

Curling myself like a ball, with my knees bent up like a mountain, I rested my chin and cried hard.

After all, it happened just the way opposite I

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