Chapter 115

**Were we even meant to be together**


"Are you mad? Why did you want to kill yourself, Heidi?" Athena scolded.

" Did you save me? Why did you save me? I wanted to die, Athena," she screamed.

"Do you think I even have the guts to save you? What the fuck Heidi? Why don't you even think about me? What will happen to me if you go? We have been staying together for all these days and you never consider my feelings at all," she marched outside the room agitatedly.

I can't even say her I hate you and I love you wasn't what I tend to say to her.

" You will never understand Athena. You're never gonna understand what I go through everyday," I dropped the tears and she turned back to me.

"You never explained to me, Heidi. First, just try to speak to me. Maybe I could help you for God's sake," she consoled as she wa

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