I never knew we were married and when our blood pledge was still agreed but I was happy to know that he was mine already.

We were happily married as a couple and I still worked as the CEO of his company. His employees never realized that he was once their owner.

He even changed his name to Adam Smith from the Ezio. I don't how does he even does that, remove the people completely from someone else's memory.

I know he did that for me. Athena was removed from the memory of everyone and it felt like she was reborn again as new Athena.

I can't even believe I actually now love the company and supportive nature of my bully who I hated to guts at the beginning of my life.

I still miss Katie and Aries. Oh! My God. I can't explain how much I miss them. Ezio told me Katie is always like that.

Even in heaven, she amaze

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