Chapter 4

"Biska is always scary as hell and Hayden, that peach-haired moron, you should avoid bumping onto him and there is Omri, he's the strongest..."

As Manasseh led her to the library, Yuna took a note of the entire hallway they walked by. The walls and ceilings were nothing peculiar and kind of similar to every Asian traditional house in the so-called actual world.

They reached a bigger and presentable door unique from the others. Yuna perused at the beautiful carvings flawlessly engraved on the door, inscribing every detail of known fantasy. Dragons, nymphs, mermaids, Pegasus, and many more, but never a sign of humans except elves which looked like one.

Manasseh twisted the knob and pushed the big wooden brown door open, revealing a sanctuary. Shelves met the domed ceiling full of illustrations regarding stars and constellation, and in the middle is a big tan globe.

The room was wide and well-lit by a big glass window. It starting from the reachable, stumpy podium, up to the beam of the ceiling. The low second floor, fenced with a wooden banister, looked like a balcony inside the room. Books and scrolls were arranged in their places.

Gladly, it came out as Yuna expected, solemn and quiet. Not a single person except them were inside, and for the first time, she felt entirely home.

Yuna started strolling around as she read every caption sticking on every shelf. Her new dangling ocean green thick dress that stopped under her knees made her walk with ease and discomfort.

She didn't ask much about stuffs like the possibility of computers and mobile phones being invented in this place from the fact that they don't call their powers "magic" here. In other words, they don't consider themselves a miracle or mythical creatures, but like humans.

The words written on every sign were far from all the language she was exposed to. Not even Latin or Greek matched a letter.

Just what kind of civilization is she now?

It was a good thing that Manasseh let her stroll everywhere by herself, giving her the privacy and the chance to think and devise her plan.

A history book or nonfiction book would be fine. Yuna reached the farthest part of the library, but not a convincing caption was in sight. She's about to go back and search on the second floor when her eyes caught an interesting memo above.

It was so high from her reach, but it's not like she would just leave after knowing the hindrance. She looked around and found a scaffolding far from her right side.

Yuna pulled the wooden ladder, creating a screeching sound as it moves on the wooden floor. She set it on the perfect spot, slowly climbed up, and sat on the wooden plank as she pulled out an ordinary thick book from the shelf with the caption, "Enchanters."

Yuna stroked the rough leather surface of the book, amused by how she doesn't feel any sign of dust on it. She slowly lifted it open, and a page full of culture and illustration was what she saw. After being stunned, she read every page and broadly memorized them.

"Nevaeh" This world is named Nevaeh and yes, she was in another world and not in another dimension.

There are four kingdoms standing and ruling their own lands.

In the East is the Land of Conorrah, inhabited mostly by elves, faeries, dwarves, centaurs, gnomes, and seemingly innocuous creatures. It's currently administered by the 3rd generation Wisdom pillar, which was a nymph. They typically nurture healing and growth spells, everything relevant to nature.

In general, every creature she stumbled upon in every fantasy book that she read when she was young is living in this place. Her face still wrote the feeling of ridiculous disbelief on her face. Nothing of this is supposed to exist.

In the North stood the Kingdom of Empyreans, where mermaids and every water creature life, like water dragons, krakens for sure, are present on that land. That kingdom was 70% water, after all.

Their terms and names that they used weren't entirely the same as what her people, humans, call them.

An example was, they call mermaids "Shivernyms" in this world. There were many more, but that doesn't matter now.

The Western Kingdom was called Dazlhethia, where it was mostly occupied by werewolves, demon-like creatures, and types of elves that are distinctly different from the elves of Conorrah.

The Southern kingdom was...

---there was not a single detail about it and went straight to the broad detail of a place called "Capital" which was located at the center of this world. It was wider and bigger compared to other kingdoms.

The four kingdoms have the chance to trade, socialize, and meet in the Capital.

In the middle of the capital stood the "COUNCIL", the organization that renders peace and order. They have the TIME pillar as its eminence.

She then reached another topic about the "Four Pillars".

Four powerful gifts were born to balance this world divided by Lands of sovereign and minor gifts. The long-lived "Chosens" became pillars to eliminate the growing corruption for hundreds of centuries.





Here, Life or light [power] doesn't equate good, and Death or Darkness does not equate evil. Everyone's reality was what's burning deep inside their hearts. 

When a Pillar perishes, a new successor will be chosen or will be born, but there's only a minimal list of successors because of their long lives. Sub-pillars were then established to aid the Pillars to stand firm in any situation.

Yuna stopped reading for a while. The so-called fact that these creatures created by human imagination actually exist, and the fact that she has the chance to see them didn't excite her that much.

These creatures don't call themselves a part of a fantasy, or living in a fantasy world, for they too exist like humans are now. To see is to believe.

They have been living without knowing that humans like her exist and breathing because no matter how many times she read the book, she cannot find any word, phrase, or sentence that can grant the possibility of her kind's existence.


These findings enthralled her, the opinion of humans becoming a legend or a fantasy to others is so ironic.

She then stopped herself from thinking bizarre opinions, she doesn't accept such kind of reality. That this was just a lucid dream or a trick to deceive her, that there were technologies that can make it do so.

No way would she believe such nonsense.

Knowing that the Southern Kingdom's broad details were missing still bothered her. Certain "what-if" questions then pop out of her mind.

What if humans were living there? What if there's a ticket way home when she got there?

What if?

She continued reading until she found a family-tree-like diagram; it was the list of the Four pillar's successors.

She skimmed the names until she stumbled upon a rather throbbing sight, for under the Light/Life pillar was an unexpected name.

The wandering night sprite,


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