Chapter 5

The question of how this 'Yuna' died kept swirling in her mind. She just found out that "Yuna" was a former Light\life pillar, but then, 'she' died.

"To whom did 'she' pass her powers to, and what can this so-called special power do?"

The book could not supply her with answers. She continued until she finally finished reading without further curiosity. She closed her eyes, took a deep sigh.

As if she would just take the bait. What she found out did not able to change her human perspective.

She closed the book and stacked it back on the shelf. She needs more information than that.

"How about a map?" She uttered to herself. The voice that came out of her pale pink lips was soft and outlandish. It would take months for her to get used to it, but getting used to wearing dresses would take a lifetime.

She slowly climbed down the stairs as her mind wanders about asking Manasseh some pretty decent men's clothes, they are always the best---

Her thoughts were too deep that a sudden slip from the plank woke her up. Her lips left a short squeak as she fell, facing the wooden ceiling. She was never this clumsy before, but another idea sprouted on her mind. Maybe a little pain will somewhat wake her up from this dream. Right?

She closed her eyes and held onto that opinion. It's been seconds already, but nothing came. That made her open her eyes, only to find herself floating on the open air, a meter away from the ground.

'What's happening? Is this another work of magic?'

Questions filled her mind again, now her so-called permanent belief was being attacked by a great opponent, and worse, she experienced it again.

"You're too noisy, man." His irritated tone reached her ears, making her glance around. She can hear his footsteps coming towards her as the force that made her float aided her to stand on the ground with ease.

That experience still stunned her.

'This must be a dream.'


This must be a dream, a lucid one. There's no way she'd fly in an open-air without a reason.

"Hey?!" His voice finally reached her senses as he waved his hands near in front of her face. "I said, you were noisy earlier, who are you be the way----"


He somehow recognized that soft voice and now that he had finally seen her closer. He almost forgot about the news of 'her' waking up from her so-called slumber. She's here, healthy, alive, and was now standing in front of him. That moonlight hair and emerald gaze. How could he forget someone so close to him?

A hopeful wish loaded his long, empty soul.

"Yuna!" he reached for her shoulders and pulled her to face him. "You just uttered my name. You remembered me, right??" he asked, tightening his grip.

No, she doesn't remember him at all. He's unknown, but this new body of hers remembered a dear friend, almost making her grin with bliss, but she was able to instantly shun that. His werewolf features are quite alluring to her. He has this savage temperament and wolfy ears sitting on top of his peach hair. A mutant, in her view.

She realized she has no full control of her actions and emotions. It was troublesome. Gladly, she remembered what Manasseh told her earlier, her memory is the only thing that she can trust right now.

"A peach headed guy, Manasseh advised me to avoid a peach-headed guy." Yuna emotionlessly replied. Even if she's emotionless outside, she was a little shocked inside. Just how important this 'Yuna' was to everyone here?

Her words met silence, but she never waited for a reply from him.

Hayden, terribly disappointed, asked himself why he even hoped for the impossible. He loosened his grip from her shoulders and let it trickle down. No, he should expect this because after all, he was the first one to give up on her.

His defeated expression changed into a ridiculous grin and into a laugh. So ridiculous, how he even let himself fall for her appearance.

"I should at least warn you now, specter." He shot her a devilish grin, "You might have her body, but I know she ain't you. I will surely expose that." The atmosphere crazily met the freezing point, even though he blabbered those words with fiery madness. No, it wasn't from him, but hers.

This was the first time she felt threatened, yet powerless at the same time. How could she even fight magic?

He felt the heavy aura she just emitted. He knew Yuna was never that hostile and intimidating.

The 'Yuna' he knew was gentle and kind, her beaming smile would make a cold heart melt. Her emerald eyes always have hints of compassion and love. She was like poetry, so beautiful with her unique rhymes, and she was an art, a colorful canvas.

Her feelings and emotions were always genuine and raw, and the 'Yuna' in front of him now was completely different.

The hefty atmosphere had ceased after she took a deep sigh. If his threat was a game, she sure wasn't ready for it. If exposing it will cause her to lose her life, then it's a win-win, but that is for later.

Even if she has no so-called magic or power, human knowledge would do. Imagine what an assassin featuring an astronomer has on her sleeves, Surprises!

"That would be helpful and thank you for saving me earlier." She bowed down for a second and wore a faint smile.

If she were to live this life this kindhearted and helpless, she would rather die. There were so many things she wanted to do if she woke up and none of these kind gestures would help her achieve that, but as long as she's here. She'd bite her lips and wear the "smile."

The peach-haired guy, Hayden, clenched his hands and gritted his teeth as he felt degraded after he witnessed that smile of hers. The thought of whoever that specter is, impersonating Yuna was killing him inside; he must get rid of her as soon as possible.

"See you on your grave, specter." He smirked and gave her a wave before leaving her behind.

He had given up on Yuna ever since she rejected his heart. Something like that. He had given up on the hope she'd someday notice him. He had given up on the chance that she'd woke up from her sleep. Everything about Yuna, he gave up.

That decision though did not give him peace. Who would?

Time was undeniably moving so slowly for him, so as the crumbling of his world. Is he even healing?

'If time doesn't heal such wound, death would.' He thought.

After he heard about 'her' waking up from death, not a single thought about seeing her came to his mind. He wouldn't dare to see her again if it meant his wounds would reopen. No one would like that, right?

Yet Fate played with him. He unexpectedly saw the very person he wanted to avoid the most. That pain of meeting her was still clenching his heart, and he would do everything just to erode that pain away. If that also means he must set her up to another misfortune.

He knew she's already gone.

He was a hopeless lad when Yuna found her and now that she's gone, He's the worst creature now, he loathes love.

Love is nothing but a fleeting feeling indeed.

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