Chapter 10

“You two are not sent here to just pull me back, right?”

Zyair narrowed his amber eyes as he scanned the two folks standing in front of him.

‘Seemingly an elf, ah no, a sprite and a young ‘Yuu’ni’.” He thoughtfully assumed.

No, they were not that familiar to Zyair, except for that silver-haired guy, who had been giving him an uneasy yet familiar feeling.

He was a little tall, slim, and was wearing clothes male elfin mostly wear. His messy silver bangs, long entangled hair, and emerald gaze made him look domineering and frigid.

That silver hair color though, it only made him remembered that ‘annoying’ brat.

“No, my teacher needs your help to look---” Zyair cut the young Yuu’ni off with a zany groan.

Regardless of Yuna’s accentuated male features, Zyair was able to see through her disguise; he was the so-called ‘all-knowing’ after all. Not a simple disguise such as those can or will even fool him.

“Nah, go away. Do I look like a book of guide to you?” He closed his eyes and decided to sleep again, not even bothering to hear them out. He realized they were just some sneak thieves rather than whom he expected them to be. That was good news to him though.

The fact that he has this tendency of flirting with women before, there’s just no way would he dare dally a mannish sprite. Well, as if someone would stay and talk to him if he did.

He rested his head to the wall and bent his right leg as he set his right hand on his knee.

Instead of hearing the door open and close, he heard footsteps coming towards him and then a thud.

As if Yuna would just give up, she would do everything to get what she needed. Thanks to Dale’s small information earlier about this guy, she had assumed an identity of his and had already planned a scheme to persuade him. She already passed through thick and thin to just meet him. Going back without a thing is out of the option.

As Yuna squatted in front of the napping Lavender guy, her slender lips formed a faint smirk.

“Doubt the wonder indeed.” She started and expectedly, she watched him open his eyes just to look at her, she successfully took his full attention.

As their distinct gazes met, both wondered whether or not to look away.

“How would you like to seek more questions than answers?” She asked. Unless you have a question, you have the reason to seek for answers. That is the nature of science.

His eyes widened in disbelief after hearing her statement. No one enthralled him this much before, no one. He’s the sub-pillar of wisdom, the ‘almost all-knowing’. The power vested in him by the Wisdom pillar made him capable of accessing abundant influences and knowledge written in books and scrolls.

It is undeniably powerful. Some would even think that having such power would make them look cool, but no, it only made him lose the passion and the sight of a ‘wonderer’.

In other words,nowing too much about this literal world of conjuring bored him.

In fact, regardless of his young adult figure, he has been living for two centuries and a half; every question that managed to bother him had already been answered for sure until nothing was left for him to scavenge anymore.

A doubtful face was then plastered on his face, pondering how this mannish sprite could even make that work. That maybe she’s bluffing or something, but her eyes held hints of ardent truth.

‘How about a test?’ he smirked.

The moonlight was never enough to show you the way and the sun couldn’t even do something but to reveal what was meant to be hidden forever.” He spoke as his lips twitched, smirking at the supposed fraudster.

In Nevaeh, the knowledge about ‘IPHRAM [magic or power] is the most valuable asset in living. The fact that death wasn’t a hindrance to people due to their long lives, made them think about life less.

The quote’s meaning could differ to anyone’s perspective, but those who succumb themselves to ‘that’ kind of reality would fail to give him the answer he wanted to hear.

If Yuna were to decipher Zyair’s phrase, her success in convincing him was certain, but whatever answers that would leave her mouth will surely define her.

“The truth will never cannot light up your way.” She did not even need much time to think for an answer.

Her words met silence, but she knew she had won. Humans once had been living in the darkness for too long, long enough to learn what the light that managed to shine upon them means. Yet, some failed to notice that. In the night, the moonlight shines as the truth, the same as for the sun. Only when you are able to see the way, you can finally move on.

Dale, who had been aware of their conversation, stood beside the door while watching the two guys being engulfed by silence. He did not understand a single word, but his eyes were full of amazement, witnessing how cool his teacher was earlier.

Yet amidst the silence, a horrible certain sound shook them. 

‘Damn, I forgot about that.’ She frowned and bit her lips.


The dawdling sun was setting on where it chose to rest, but the towering thick walls did not let them see the beautiful view.

They silently meander at the side of the crowded and noisy marketplace with Zyair leading the way. He, not being able to have the chance to introduce himself, bothered him too much that he stopped for a while and turned around to see the still-unknown fellas he just met, standing a little far in front of him.

“Ahem,” He cleared his throat. “Since we’ll be working together, there is a need to make myself known.” He formally uttered but his definition of formality caused him to look a bit corny, making Yuna and Dale form a fake grin, but inside, they’re enigmatically struck.

“I am Zyair, the ‘Philn Seeker---’ He was about to bow after placing his palm on his chest when someone suddenly pulled his neck hem to face a familiar entity.

“Here you are, you CHOMP!!” He madly shouted to Zyair’s fake happy face.

“Om—Omri, you’re here.” Zyair gave him an obvious fake laugh while playfully waving both of his hands to him. He hasn’t even thought of any valid reasons for his absence, which was a kind of troublesome.

“Come on now, we need to find Yu….” Omri pulled him and turned to his left, only to come across a familiar figure. Her disguise almost fooled him, but her cat-like emerald eyes disclosed her actual identity.

“Yuna…” He mumbled softly with his shocked tone as Yuna only shot him an emotionless face.

She moved both of her hands to her back and started to clench her other wrist, fighting the irresistible feeling of ache piling up inside of her again. This only happens every time she meets him, and she hates it. She should learn to completely control this body as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, Yuna and Dale watched Omri’s head jerk away after Zyair gave a hard pat on his head.

“You unmannered fool. You dare falsely call someone with a dead person’s name. Look at her, she’s entirely not like …” Zyair went noiseless when he turned to look at Yuna. His eyes bewildered, and he shivered from the sudden chill in his spine when he finally realized who she really was. He could vividly remember how Yuna looks like before, they’re indeed one person. How come he failed to recognize her earlier?

Dale noticed how they anxiously watch his teacher that he also took a glance up at her face.

Yet Yuna, instead of worrying about everyone’s wild assumptions about her, she even has the guts to recall everything that had happened earlier. The fact that too much happened for only a day made her wonder, what would she even find tomorrow?

After the long delay, she twitched the corner of her lips, forming a faint smirk together with her cold emerald stare.

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