The City of Love and Sinners
The City of Love and Sinners
Author: Josev_Quadra

Prologue: Welcome to the Agency

“Detective Rae!” a loud yell awakened the detective from her deep slumber. Detective Rae rubbed her tired eyes as she woke up from the untidy floor. Decluttered files and books are everywhere around the detective agency. She stretched her arms upwards as she returned to the floor, snuggling with the books and files.

“Come on now Detective, rise and shine” Jae Min sighed as the rookie detective splattered some water to the sleepy Rae.

“What is this water on my face!? Blasphemy! I tell you!” Rae woke up feeling angry with the rookie who just splattered cold water to her face.

“There will be a client in our office, approximately two hours from now, and here you are sleeping with your files on the floor” Jae Min crossed his arm. 

“Oh, impressive! How could I forget, perhaps because you’re hiding it from me” Rae snorted as she grumpily gathered the decluttered files on the floor. 

“I’m not hiding it, Ms. Rae! I already tried to wake you up for an hour but you didn’t budge!” Jae Min growled at the sleepy detective. 

Rae pulled the detective to the floor, asking him to help her gather the files. Jae Min nodded affirmatively as they hurriedly cleaned the decluttered books and files. Later, Jae Min sweeps the dusty floor quickly and Rae dusts off the bookshelves.

The two of them keep going until there are only fifteen minutes left until the client arrives. 

“Madness! I will take a shower Jae Min! It is so hot in here” Rae complained to her assistant as she unbuttoned her raven shirt. Jae Min covered his eyes shyly as Rae unbuttoned the dress shirt with no shame.

The detective never sees Jae Min as a person she should be aware of. Perhaps because of Jae Min's reservedness around ladies, he’s not that kind of man who will touch women hungrily if he feels like it. 

“Ms. Rae! Please unbuttoned your shirt in the bathroom! There’s a bathroom in the agency right!” Jae Min shrieked as he covered his eyes. 

Rae ignored what his assistant said and walked bare naked to the bathroom as she left her undergarments and clothes on the floor. The quirky woman entered the medium-sized bathroom. She turned on the tab and let the warm water hit her fair skin.

Rae enjoyed the sensation of warm water on her body, her fatigue immediately diminished on its own. The twenty-three years old woman slowly caresses her silver hair with her favorite peppermint aroma shampoo. The peppermint fragrance just calms her nerves when she’s in tension, especially meeting a client.

She hasn’t asked Jae Min about the client though, so this only piqued her curiosity more. Rae is quite forgetful with her schedule, hence why Jae Min is always there to accompany her detective works. 

“Ms. Rae! I already put your clothes in the automatic washer! Please don’t be so careless around man!” Rae could hear his assistant's sighs from the bathroom. 

“What are you talking about Jae Min, gender is something you need to use sometimes in order to gather intelligence” Rae answered while she washed her hair with the peppermint shampoo.

“That’s true, but-”.

“Jae Min, while you’re at it, can you prepare some snacks for our client? Who is it anyway? Our client identity” Rae asked the assistant. 

“Um it’s your childhood friend Rae, I believe his name is Kim Taemin” Jae Min answered nonchalantly.

This surprised the composed Rae, she soon washed her hair abruptly, then moved to the liquid shop hurriedly. The man she likes will come to the agency, she doesn’t want that man to wait for her showering. After her fast rinse, Rae looked around her, a sudden realization hit her.

“Jae Min! Did I bring any clothes when I got in the bathroom?” Rae asked her assistant.

“I don’t think so Ms. Rae, you got in naked already anyway” Jae Min tried to distract his mind from Rae’s voluptuous body. Rae wore her towels as she slid the door open in a hurry. She entered her temporary bedroom and rummaged her wardrobe for appropriate clothes.

What should I wear? Perhaps a tuxedo? Or maybe a dress?” she asked herself. 

This stressed her mind greatly, even the sound of her frustration could be heard by Jae Min who is still waiting for her outside the bedroom. Feeling overwhelmed, Rae didn’t care and just picked her favorite vest. She wore a white shirt, with the addition of a black vest as the finisher. 

Next, she looks at the tie collection she had in her wardrobe. Decluttered ties, mixed with her socks collection on the bottom shelves of the wardrobe. She immediately grabbed the raven tie. 

Now, her mind focused on whether to wear a skirt or a trouser. Her brain processed her train of thoughts slowly.

“If I want to look feminine, then skirts are the best choice. But I have to wear underpants” Rae rubbed her chin in deep thought. “But trousers are nice, I like trousers”.

Not long after that, the agency door received a knock. Jae Min walked to the agency door and asked the person across the black steel door.

“Yes, who is it?” Jae Min asked.

“It’s me Jae Min, Taemin” a husky voice answered gently. 

Rae finally picked the skirt, she rummaged through the decluttered piles of sock for her underpants. After a few seconds, she found the tights she needed and pulled it out from the piles of socks.

“There!” she smiled cheerily. 

She pulled the tights slowly to her hips, but due to her being hurried Rae lost her balance. Rae fell and hit the carpeted floor, her face landed first on the floor. The sound of Rae fell even resonated through the room, reaching Jae Min and Taemin's ears.

“Is Rae alright?” Taemin asked the assistant.

“This is normal Taemin, very normal” Jae Min sighed.

Rae exited the bedroom, with a red nose and a somewhat messy shirt. She fixed her shirt soon after, trying to make it as inconspicuous as possible so that Taemin didn’t notice.

“Please sit down, detective! Taemin! I will prepare the drink for you!” Jae Min beamed cheerfully. “What is it that you guys want?”.

“Coffee” Taemin answered

“Milk” Rae answered

Taemin chuckled when he heard Rae answer, his mouth formed a slight grin.

“Still milk? Are you that worried about your height?” Taemin chuckled.

Rae blushed when Taemin teased her height.

“Blasphemy! Milk is a drink to help me think! Sugar is my source of intelligence Taemin” Rae pouted. “Now, where was I?”.

Rae rubbed her chin, somewhat forgetting the main purpose of Taemin's visits. She raised her index finger as if she just remembered a piece of important information.

“Welcome to Rae detective agency, I’m here to help my client and solve their case” Rae coughed awkwardly. “So what is it that you want to solve, Taemin?” Rae clasped her hand together in front of her face.

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