Case 1: The First Case

“Rae agency? You mean Silverstein Agency?” Taemin asked the woman in front of her. Rae's face reddened yet again. She made a fool of herself in front of Taemin. The woman coughed awkwardly, fixing her tie. She then stared Taemin in the eyes, trying to read him like a book.

“What’s your case? A missing cat?” Rae pouted.

“Oh wow! You know! As expected of Detective Rae” Taemin smiled. “My cat Rise hasn’t returned home since yesterday, she’s-”.

“A brown tabby cat, with a green necklace and a fluffy ball on its neck” Rae continued, disappointment showing up on her face. Even Jae Min knows how disappointed the detective currently is. She expected a serious case that involved people's lives and dangerous lives. The excitement of knowing that she will solve a case like that boils her blood. Nonetheless, the woman was disappointed knowing that her only task now is to find a missing cat.

“Ms. Rae, don’t get disheartened! Rise is an important family member for Taemin right?” Jae Min tried to cheer the detective. “I’m sure that noble cause will bear fruits to more dangerous cases in the future”. 

Jae Min knows that the only way to cheer up the detective is to encourage her that a dangerous case will come on its own if she tries to help other people. Rae sighed, she knows that it’s another dupe case she has to solve. Moreover, it’s the person she likes. Taemin requests are more important than any requests.

Just when she thought about that someone came to the agency doorstep, knocking on the steel door hurriedly.

“Detective Rae! This is Inspector Vaan! I have something important that I need to inform you!” the Inspector knocked on the door pretty loudly.

Rae ears tingling, her blood boils in excitement. Police force coming to the agency means trouble. She smells new cases, perhaps a murder case or some sort. That kind of case enthralls the detective senses of curiosity. 

“Come in, Inspector Vaan,” the woman let the Inspector in.

The medium-built gentleman came in, his undercut blonde hair is quite rare for the detective to see. The usual inspector Vaan would let his hair grow until it reached his neck. 

“What’s with the sudden change of heart?” Rae asked the gentleman in a khaki trenchcoat. 

“Sorry, what?” the Inspector asked the detective, confused.

“Did you get heartbroken by a woman? Which is why you cut your hair in the salon?” Rae pestered the Inspector undercut hair.

“Forget about it Rae, I’m here because of a case” Inspector Vaan deepened his voice, stating his urgency to talk.

Taemin stood up awkwardly as he left the agency, the man could feel that the room air was getting intense and heavier by the minute. Knowing that there’s a dire situation going on, Taemin decided to step out at this moment.

“Sorry, I don’t want to intrude you Inspector Vaan! Since the case seems to be urgent, I’ll excuse myself” Taemin bowed apologetically to Vaan. He then turned to Rae, waving his hand.

“I’ll see you when you’re ready Rae” Taemin smiled kindly to Rae.

When Taemin left the agency, Inspector Vaan started to open his mouth.

“The killing starts again, in Theister city nonetheless” Vaan groaned. 

“Killing? A serial killing?” Rae asked the Inspector in front of her.

“It is, a dire one that is” Vaan handed the big brown envelope to the detective and Jae Min. Jae Min opened the envelope and pulled out its content carefully. Inside, were several crime photos that were taken in a certain street. In the photos, is a woman victim with a crushed neck. Under further inspection, there’s a human teeth mark on the woman's neck. 

Rae clenched her fist, knowing that the damned killer is still outside. She’s not exactly a hero of justice, seeing the fallen victim from ‘The Cannibal’ just made it worse. 

“Inspector, take Jaemin and me to the crime scene” Rae stiffened.

“On it” he replied short.

* * *

Jaemin sits next to Vaan, while Rae chose the backseat as her domain. She stares outside the police car as the car passes by the colorful street lights. Theister city was built by the millennials who are hungry for technology and advancement. Some even said this city is cursed, and a city of unification of evil.

They are not completely wrong, the crime rates in this city have been quite devastating. Hence why the perfect place to build a detective agency. Rae is not being a hypocrite, she just sees the benefit of this high crime rate city. Theister is always hungry for blood, desperate, and perfect for her to entertain herself.

As a detective who loves puzzles, this city is the perfect playground for her. Nevertheless, death is still death. 

“We’re here,” Inspector Vaan stated.

The police officers have gathered around the yellow line, another unforeseen death caused by the vicious serial killer. A young woman seems like she's in her early twenty. She died with a ripped neck, perhaps the woman herself surprised. There’s no sign of heavy struggle, her death is quick and painless.

“This is the tenth victim of the Cannibal, '' Detective Rae” Inspector Vaan stated. “We must solve this, otherwise the citizens will lose their faith in the police”.

“Haven’t they?” Rae remarked like it’s nothing.

Inspector Vaan frowned, disheartened by Detective Rae's indirect insult at the police officer. Jae Min inspected the corpse neatly, like a scholar he is. He’s taking notes of his observation in that green tiny handbook of his. 

“What do you think Jae Min?” Detective Rae asked his junior.

“There is no other wound than the ripped neck, not even any skin on her sharp fingernails” Jae Min stated. “There’s no struggle!”.

“That’s pretty obvious Jae Min” Rae sighs sarcastically. “Other than that?”.

“No signs of robbery either, her wallet and money are still inside her handbag” he pointed to the red handbag.

The victim is a woman, wearing a rose-colored dress that matches with her handbag and her high heels. Additionally, she also styled her hair, there’s a strong smell of rose perfume. However, her makeup is messy, the eyeliners and contact lenses are not in the appropriate places. 

“She just broke up with her boyfriend,” Rae added.

“Excuse me?” the Inspector raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“As I said, breakup” Rae sighed. “Her ex-boyfriend might be the last person to see her alive”.

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