Case 4: The Rookie Arrival

"Anything new, my dear assistant?" she asks. Jae Min turned his face to her with a tired face, "I don't know, the evidence is always so vague". She kneels near the corpse of a lifeless young man, his torn throat is yet another anomaly that the killer left. 

The detective wears the rubber gloves that Jae Min tosses to her and then touches the lifeless body to estimate the time of his death.

"It was around two hours or three hours I suppose", she shrugged off and proceeded to check his wounded neck.

The cells and tissues were ripped off as if he were bitten by an animal, the bite mark was a human teeth mark.

Once again in every crime scene particularly this cannibalism case, there were no signs of the culprit traces. She was thinking at least the victim would resist the culprit and injured him by accident and yet nothing is here.

"The victim's name is Yoo Jae Sung, he is nineteen years old. He attended K high School" Inspector Vaan filled her in with the victim details.

"Huh? K University?" she thought to herself again.

Judged by the victim's appearance, Jae Sung looks like the delinquent type. 

The victim dyed his hair olive green and wore a gold chain around his neck. Not to mention a brass knuckle was found in his trousers pocket.

"Looks like he's involved in something fishy here, there are traces of white powders in his left trouser pocket". She poked out his left pocket. 

"But isn't K High School supposed to be a very prestigious school? Why would a thug like him attend that school?", Inspector Vaan asked her curiously.

"Hmm, you're joking me right?" The female detective looks at Inspector Vaan, disagree with his statements. 

"Those shameless lovey-dovey brats outside my detective agency are from K University!" the detective glared at the Inspector Vaan, unamused.

"Anyway bring this evidence to forensics," she cast away the rubber glove swiftly. Inspector Vaan nodded firmly to her order after that Jae Min-soon beamed at her like a child reacting to a new toy.

"Ms. Rae, did you know that there will be a transfer rookie police from the New York station?" Jae Min said excitedly with glittering eyes. “It seems like he will be assigned to the Inspector Vaan team! Therefore, we might meet this rookie quite often”.

"Is that so? Marvelous", Rae rolled her eyes, sarcastically.

"That means I can be the upperclassmen and teach the rookie how it's done", Jae Min grinned proudly.

The female detective scoffed at his brazen remarks, his confidence truly amused her.

She continues her investigation, searching every nook and cranny for more clues. The flesh that was bitten off by the assailant is scattered on the streets and must be done with a powerful force.

"Reminds me of an animal, a carnivore to be exact", she tilted her chin.

The wound was done swiftly but his death was probably not instantaneously. She could narrow the cause of death to blood loss. The victim looked as if he was unprepared, so maybe a surprise attack is in play in this crime scene.

Just when the female detective was about to walk to another side, dizziness came into her and my legs suddenly felt like jelly. The darkness slowly seeped its way into her vision, her knees turned weak and she fell downward.

It just happened so fast and now she once again will embarrass herself in public by falling like a klutz. However, when she’s about to fall, a hand grabbed her waist.

"You're okay?", a bright young man grabbed hold onto her waist. Rae's face flushed in different shades of red and pushed him abruptly in panic, "I'm fine".

"Oh wow speak of the devil! It's the rookie police!", Jae Min pointed to the unfamiliar young man. 

The young man's big eyes were attached to Jae Min, confused with his attitude. He looked pretty stylish, with a grey sweater and chocolate jeans just your typical university student getups. But then again those getups boost his boyish charm.

"Thank you", she spoke timidly to thank the young man. He giggled and answered back, "Anytime". His face was so bright and fresh, it made her awestruck by his vibrant beauty. She knows that he looks like a player, but he looks damn fine so what are the odds?

Not long after that, Jae Min checked the detective body temperature by sticking his hand on her forehead. 

"You're burning up! Are you crazy!?".

"I am always crazy".

"This is why overworking is hazardous!".

"Stop acting like my mother".

"But you're hopeless as hell!".

The young man chuckled at the sight, he patted the female head like a little puppy. He flashed his playboy smile to her, attracting her attention in an instant. 

"Your guy there is right, you have to take a rest once in a while".

Now the new kid is acting like her mother, Rae pushed him lightly from her and snickered at him in hostility.

"Ouch, that hurts" the mysterious man pouted.

He then scouted the crime scene, going around the yellow line as if it's no big deal at all. He moved from one person to another, asking questions like flash.

"Oh someone sure is fast, I can sense the aura of a player in that boy" Jae Min chuckled playfully.

 "As a player myself, I am excited to befriend another player! We can get lots of hookups!".

She looked at Jae Min disgustingly and immediately muttered the three-digit words.


"Why eww?".

"Cause you are foolish".


"But you are a fool, aren’t you?".

Jae Min sighs as they call each other with names.

“I dated girls before you know” he pouted.

“Well, I know my dear assistant” Rae grinned. “I even know that you have failed your tenth attempt on a date because they called you nerd”.

Jae Min's expression flushed red, he looks down from the detective as if he’s ashamed. 

“They just don’t understand the wonder of quantum physics and dinosaur bones” he pouted.

After their little childish dispute, that mysterious young man came while laughing at them.

"You guys are so funny! It hurts my stomach!".

He laughed cutely and almost fell to the concrete road.

"Is this man alright in the head?" Rae sighs.

"I'll be seeing you, Detective Rae", the young man winked at her flirtatiously. 

He proceeded to the crime scene with ease. He crossed the yellow police line as if they're just decorations. 

"Excuse me, you can't just cross the line-".

Before she could continue her speech, the female detective was cut off with the mysterious man who flashed his police badge. 

"I will be in your care, I'm Troy", the young man flashed her a smile.

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