Case 9: Partner in Pleasure


Three years ago…

Their lips collided in passionate ways, their hands seeking each other's body warmth. Rae gasped between kisses as Vicky bit her neck seductively. She moaned in pleasure as she grabbed onto Vicky jet-haired. The man pushed the woman toward the wall of his suite, cornering the curious woman with his body.

Vicky pulled his tie hastily as he rubbed his lips on her neck. 

“I don’t think we should be doing this Vicky” Rae shuddered when she felt a ticklish sensation on her neck. 

“Aren’t you too late for that sweetheart? Who told me that she’s interested to know what it feels like to have sex?” Vicky grinned as he crashed his lips onto her inexperienced lips. Rae is a little bit drunk because of alcohol, and so is Vicky. Their father is acquaintances that wished for their children to be wed to each other.

They stated that it was a joke,

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