Epsd 16

"I think we should live." Snapped Kara placing her napkin on the table.

"Sure. As you wish. Excuse me sir." Called Ava onto the waiter that had served them.

"Yes Miss Sinclair?" Responded the gentleman.

"The bill. Please." Answered Kara.

"Yes miss." Snapped the waiter heading back to the counter and then again handing Ava the bill book. "Here is your bill miss."

"Thank you." Responded Ava as Kara took the book away from her.

"I'm paying for this." Chuckled Kara taking money from her bag into the book. "Here you go." Said she handing the waiter back the bill book.

"That wasn't fair. I love paying for my bills. " complained Ava getting from the seat.

"I love paying as well. Maybe next time we split it in two?" Proposed Kara.

"No. I don't want that either."

"Okay then. Next time you pay. The next I do."

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