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"What are you to do about it?" Inquired Martha from Ava.


"Nothing." Answered she.


"Well he will have to talk to me. And tell me why. " said Kara.


"You're not serious. Are you?" Smacked Ava towards Kara.


It was then as they were continuing there argument when the bell rang them back to class. Just as the rest of the time, Kara kept quiet in the back as she glanced at Martha and Ava who kept flirting through out the whole lecture.


Martha had her seat right besides Ava and Kara was behind them. Which seemed to be very uncomfortable for her.


Not denying the fact that she was feeling quickly replaced, she also hated the thought of Ava trying to get Martha's attention.


By the end of the lecture, Kara was pumped and hardly even said a wor

Hello dear readers... I'm glad that you enjoy this book and sorry for the delay but I was finalising certain stories that ain't on this platform..... MET will be my next update in the next couple of days... it's a promise to you all.. Thank you for loving it

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