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She wore a pale black Versace lingerie that Ava took off delicately with her lips.

Carefully she stopped taking off her own track pants when Kara pulled her in close back and unbuttoned her shirt slowling placing her other hand inside Ava's

knickers with her fingers.

“tenderly.” Ava mentioned. “Let it last as long as we want it to. let it take us the whole night and maybe tomorrow it shall be the best memory. Please.”

Kara then slowly laid back on the bed with her head put gently on the pillow and Ava began placing her finger tops at the grace of Kara’s skin smoothly sticking her tongue licking passed Kara’s legs and up her thighs as she gently laid with her eyes closed.

”are you alright?”Asked Ava gazing into Kara’s eyes.

“Yes. Are you?” she softly responded.

Quietly, Ava laid skin fully upon Kara’s body with both their breasts paced together as Kara

Hello readers... one of the scenes that give me a hard time to write are these kind.... and I do delay most times..... I know it's been so long but I hope you're enjoying the updates..... give a feedback down below about this book... and what you think a bout the couple... I shall be adding a new book called TARA LYLE.. it will be a complete book one... hope you will love it too...

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