Epsd 23

Ava arrived early evening before the festival could start, with her she came a white big sized box that along with it was a smile heading inside her cottage.

She found Kara in the bedroom gazing at herself through the mirror.


"Are you still angry?" Questioned she standing at the len of the bedroom door.


"Was I mad in the first place?" Answered Kara. Ava walked towards her caressing Kara's shoulders with both her hands.


"I got you something." Said Ava smiling gazing through the mirror with her eyes straight to the box.


"Why?" Snapped Kara.


"What? What did I do?"


"Why are you like this Ava? Turned Kara with her weary eyes. "Are you going to makes it so heard for me to stay away. Why are you acting like we are something."



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