Epsd 32

Early the next morning, Ava had to get her dad out of bed rushing him into getting ready for she believed it to be time wastage every minute that passed.

"I can't tell. you're still in bed dad." Muttered Ava shaking Daniel out of bed.

"Alright. Alright. I'm sorry. Let me get up." Answered Daniel getting out the sheets.

"Do you need to take a shower dad?" Seriously questioned Ava.

"Of course I need to. Did  you?"

"Yeah. I did. I just think that you will take alot of time showering."

"Give me thirty minutes and I will be out already."

"Okay. Hurry up though. I'm getting impatient"

"Alright. Pick my phone and call Jeremy."

"Good morning you." Snapped Brenda who was already up and making breakfast for the two.

"You didn't wake him up mother?"

"I did. But you know how your father gets. He slept late looking into Kara's case. So he deserved the rest."

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