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"He will be alright ma'am. The bullets were already removed when he got here thank goodness but he lost alot of blood. He will need to rest." Explained the surgeon who had been treating Dante for almost four hours. 

"Thank you Dr. Clark." Answered Victoria with a sigh. "You had the doc. He can't be moved until he is really fine."

"But we don't got that time miss. Don't you understand." Pumped Ava. 

"Can't you just get the cops here instead of my son having to risk his life and go to the station."

"Why didn't I think of that." Snapped Ava at herself. "Look mom. We shall be here tomorrow for Dante's statement."

"Alright. Go on then." Walked Victoria back to her office with her nose to her eyebrows implying a stink. 

"I need to go." Marked Ben.

"Sure. But you will be here t
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