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Back at the manning healthy centre, Martha had paid Dante a visit and threatening him about how she would come out for him to his mother when Ava arrived with the sheriff finding her in the room.

"Now ain't we lucky to find you here Martha." Sarcastically muttered Ava.

"I was just leaving. You can continue with what you came for." Deeply replied Martha smirking as she trying to head out.

It was in the same minute when Ben arrived the room too.

"She can't be going anywhere sheriff. All this might end up with her as the criminal." Chanted Ava with a serious face.

"What are you talking about Ava?" Martha grinned as though she was surprised trying to rush even faster when the sheriff closed the door on her standing right at it.

Ava then turned to talk to Dante who clearly was thinking this throw.

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