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"Sign here, and here. Put your finger prints here. And that's it."explained the sheriff showing Kara the document with a tin of ink.

"That's it and she is done? We can go?" Inquired Ava with a thrill.

"Yes. You can definitely go. She can go anywhere. You shouldn't forget you're stuff though." Coughed the sheriff grabbing a container from down the counter which possessed the necklace Ava had gifted her. An amount of cash notes and a bracelet plus here identity card.

Kara finalised with the signatures, then picked her stuff thanking the sheriff as they both headed out of the station finding Ben still standing at the entrance waiting for them.

He looked very embarrassed as he gazed at Kara who was feeling the sunlight.

"I'm hoping you can forgive me Kara. I'm very sorry." He apologised on his feet.

"No. No need for a
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