Epsd 37

"I wanted to see my nanny fast before I went." Informed Kara to her uncle.

"She is blessed to have you in her life. " smirked Mr. Jones.

"Yeah. But I'm blessed to have her in mine.  She's been so good to me. She cared for us so well."

Nanny was in the kitchen preparing coffee for then. And as soon as she had about what Kara was offering her, the tray of pots and cups she held fell down in excitement. 

"That's to much child." She stated standing in the back of Mr. Jones."

"It's nothing nanny. You've done so much for me and the whole family... you deserve even more. You can stay with your kids and grand kids here." Softly answered Kara.

"I don't know how to thank you dear. I will always stay in your debt. I've never owned so much money in my name. It's unbelievable. "

"Well nan
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