Chapter 112


She was threatened to not cry as it would ruin her make-up. Reyne couldn't keep up with their threats though. With the grief of her father's death weighing down on her chest, she sat in the cage wearing nothing but a flimsy tight one piece suit that covered her from knuckle to neck. 

She was told they would come to take her out on the stage. She was supposed to end the show, using her shape-shifting technique as the show stopping demonstration. Earlier she tried to refuse and what they did was whip her in the back. They scared her to do even worse that she easily gave up. 

Worse was that they put her in a cage. A real freaking cage as though she was an animal. She was not an animal. Damn it. She was an extraordinary creation. That's all. Who was going to explain it to the humans notwithstanding. 

Now Reyne could apprehend the meaning of her father's words, that he used to say all this while. Thi

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goodnovel comment avatar
Glad Zander got Reyne back! Sad that her father didn’t make it! Hope the others got the magician’s wife!! Just hope that this can’t be connected to Zander!
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Braxton
Ugh no!! Why do you do this!!?!?

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