Chapter 113


Satisfaction. It was a kind of satisfaction he never derived before. Not from bullying or hurting people. It can only be derived through killing... Killing the enemy. 

His chest swelled in pleasure and eyes brightened. The scent of Reyne stayed in his breaths. The air held her fragrance, which his lungs gladly sucked in. 

Those alphas waiting out there said that they would leave as soon as they found Reyne— without creating any scene, but he couldn't stop. He had to kill him. Kill them all. They tortured his Reyne. They threatened their kind. And hunters... He killed him half right when he mentioned them. 

But it was over. Zane killed them here and the doppelgangers killed his psycho wife there. 

He smiled to himself as he rushed ahead. He just wanted to get to his Reyne and hold her tight. His crawl was quick. Zane was moving further steadily until— he witn

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