Chapter 114


“Zane!” his father shrieked, perceiving him wail in discomfort.

A big chunk of glass stayed stabbed in his stomach. Blood slipped at his temple given that his head hit against a sharp rock, making the world around him spin.

He did not get a second to steady himself as the ifrit galloped near him. He lifted Zander by his neck, his hold tightening around it. The wisp sound of his slow squeezing at zander’s neck had his father roar manically while he plunged at the demon, turning into his wolf.

His canines pierced through the shoulder of the arm that was clasping Zander in his hold, and caused him to loosen his grip. Zander plummeted at the ifrit’s feet coughing and gasping for air.

“He was dead, wasn’t he?” there was a faint tremor in alpha Hercules’ tone.

Nobody had any answer except for shocking gasps and he

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Nicole Braxton
No!! Please no! Let’s have them together and finish the book please! My heart can’t take this anymore!
goodnovel comment avatar
Martina Vajdić
Nooo, I am crying ............
goodnovel comment avatar
Aaargh!!! It can’t end like this!! The only one not badly injured is Reyne! She will save everyone!!

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