Chapter 115


"Noooooo! Zander, my son.. He Can't... He can't die!" Mrs. Brown melted to the ground, her body loosely flattened, wailing deeply on top of her voice.

"C-control yourself, Mrs. Brown. You..." Ryley, who had been attempting to handle her, himself felt his throat choke as tears blurred his vision.

The news that they received was itself so shaking and bewildering that none of them was ready to believe it. Zander was dead. He died whilst saving his mate. The Paladin Alpha sacrificed his life to save the others.

When in the morning the Gamma hastily rushed to woods land after receiving a call of trepidation, all of them prayed for the well-being of all the Alphas and betas who've gone on the rescue mission with Zander.

Although the Gamma left in his car, he returned with five ambulances behind him that paused across the hospital gate. It was Ryley who was given a call by doctor Jason to come ov

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goodnovel comment avatar
Caroline olliver
Oh this shit is getting real now ... nah I can’t believe our beloved zander is no more no way ...
goodnovel comment avatar
(cont..) if Vivian was really dead he would still grieving at the memory and not called "old", so whatever they did to bring him back to life they're going to do it with Zane!
goodnovel comment avatar
Martina Vajdić
What???!!! ...............

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