1. The beginning

1. The beginning


In the middle of the night, 

Clouds roared loudly in the sky above. The roaring was so intense that the screeching sound of the halting bus got camouflaged, "Be careful, baby." A man softly said whilst looking behind him at the girl who followed him out of the bus. 

"Thanks, bud. It was a nice ride." The man waved at the driver of the bus as he carried a small bag on his shoulder.

The driver smiled, “Have a safe journey, dude.” the doors closed automatically and it once again resumed its speed, running on the wet road of Seattle under the drizzling night.

The weather became mystically haunting. The girl wanted to enjoy every moment of such weather as it fills one's heart with happiness albeit, she could do nothing more than holding her whiffs, and following every step the man took. She wanted to feel positive and hopeful about life amidst such a serene ambiance but her thumping heart made it difficult.

She carried her little bag on her back. Her fingers clasped around the straps of her backpack as she followed the man. The light rainfall in fine drops on the ground made a musical note which soothed her mind. She concentrated around the dark surrounding amidst the melodious air and then abruptly stilled, realizing that the man walking before her had turned around, and staring at her. 

"Uh, is so-something wrong, daddy?" She asked with cracking fumbles, and in reflex, she was pulled forward by her hair and was forced to look into his dark frightening eyes. 

She shuddered when the man who was believably her father pulled her until her head uncomfortably moved up. Small drops of rain cascaded below on her face as a small yelp erupted from her mouth, "That hurts, daddy!" 

However, her father yanked her hair more and tears occurred before her retina. She seized her lips together in order to suppress her threatening sobs and endured the pain with a crazily beating heart. 

"You are a good learner. I am impressed you learned to behave across people real soon, but I must say you can't control your excitement even today." He dangerously whispered with a cluck of his tongue. "Do you want me to teach you how to control your excitement, Reyne???" She mouthed a painful and inaudible apology. 

Reyne dreadfully eyed her father’s face and clutched her eyelashes together, “Daddy, I am sorry. I will behave myself from the next time” She sobbed hoping for her father to let her go.

She let out a gasping sigh when indeed he left her hair and grunted, “Good. We have come to a new place. I would be glad if you act nicely. I don't want anyone to pick up on me just because my daughter is mannerless! Hari Stark's daughter cannot be a mannerless bitch! Do you get that?” He reminded her.

"I am sorry, daddy. I swear on myself that I will behave nicely. Please do-don't hurt me. Please." She pleaded. 

On seeing her condition, her father let her go and moved backward, “Very well then. Now come on, follow me. We need to head to our new home quickly before it rains faster.”

She composed herself and resumed following her father.


“Zaneee,” While the thudding noise of the steps neared towards the door, Zander heard his mother's howl coming along.

He still laid unaffected on the bed and dug his head in the pillow. Not even a minute has passed that the sun rose again, but his mother came to give him a call in the early morning already.

He quickly pulled the pillow on his head such that his skull was sandwiched between the mattress and the bed while he held the two ends of his pillow with his hands.

'No matter how much you force me, I am not going to school, mom!!! I don't want to see them acting all lovey-dovey around me, huh.' 


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poor Zander.. I still want to know what happend to Ryley and Valen if rhey get married and have childrens
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Jacky Bross
Love the first book.. starting to love this one too!

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