Chapter 2


“Zander Brown, I know you are not sleeping, so get up quickly!” Mrs. Brown heaved.

Behind her, little Milan entered his room with her forefinger in her mouth. She stopped next to her mamma and gripped her pajamas around her calf and watched her sniffle at her brother.

“Mamma, what happened?” she inquired in her baby voice. “Why are you scolding Zany?” her innocence caught his heed.

He peeked out of the pillow at his little baby sister and stretched his hand out to invite her. She easily interpreted her brother’s action and climbed the bed that was an inch higher than her height.

She slid in his arms and chuckled when her brother covered themselves with the quilt, “Let’s go to sleep together and let mom scream, okay?”

“Okay,” she whispered, imitating his soft tone while there their mother’s jaw dropped in bewilderment. 

She crossed her arms together before her chest and huffed. Mrs. Brown walked up to the bed and pulled out the blanket.

No sooner had she pulled it out than Milan and Zander laughed together as if their mother was playing with them.

“You,” she glared at her son while pulling Milan out of his grip. "You will spoil her, Zander. She has learned to fake her whines! All thanks to you."

Her daughter whined. She faked cries, hence proving Mrs. Brown right. She was bewildered to see Milan trying to get back in her brother’s embrace with soft audible muffles coming from her mouth, “Mamma, huhu…” but Mrs. Brown drew her out and placed her on the floor, and pointed towards the door.

Lovely Milan innocently looked behind her at the door confusingly as she could not get her mamma’s actions until she spoke out, “Go to daddy, he is waiting for you in the kitchen.” 

“Daddy is waiting?” she asked. 

“Yeah.” Mrs. Brown replied.

“Don’t go, Milan. Come back to Zany, let’s sleep in the quilt together. Come here, baby.” Zander turned over his stomach, he spread his hands out calling for her.

He chuckled realizing his sister was really struggling to reach him but their mother stood between them as an obstacle. Mrs. Brown pointed at the door behind as she eyed Milan with a fake frown, "I told you to go to the kitchen, didn't I?" She huffed, and then she picked Milan up. 

"Mom, why don't you let her go?" 

"I will. But first, you get up and freshen up yourself. You can't miss your school any longer, Zander Brown. Enough of your obstinacy." 

"I am not going to school. I don't think I need to attend that stupid school again." He grumbled, sitting on the bed with crossed legs. "Not when I know that Alpha and the Principal wants me to repeat the year again!" 

Yeah, that was true. Since the Bully Gang or as they call themselves, the Wild Wolves wasted their previous year; Alpha Hercules decided to have them repeat the year. Not Zander alone, but also Ryley and the others. 

Oh no no, that was the real issue why he refused to go to the school. But Valen. The naive foolish mate of his best friend! 

"I don't want to go to school too!" Milan spoke. That made Zander laugh and frustrate Mrs. Brown. 

She narrowed her eyes to glare Zander and gritted her teeth, "Look at her. She follows you. She has not even started her school but she does not want to go to school either. Geez, Zander for her sake, get up and get ready. I am sure you would not want your sister to spoil like you." 

"Oh yeah, whatever!" He rolled his eyes. 

But anyways, Zander got up from the bed. He kissed his sister everywhere on her face and also his mother on her cheek before he swung around towards the bathroom. 

All mommies know how to get their children to work, don't they? 


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Naenae Allen-Vinson
I’m so confused lol is this book mainly about Zander finding his mate or has something to do with Ryley and Valen relationship? Will they become Alpha and beta? So many questions lol

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