Chapter 3


At the school,

Zander stopped his car in the parking area. He removed the strap of his seat belt and opened the door to get out. As soon as he kicked the door behind, Ryley, his best friend pounded on him from the back and screamed near his ear.

"What the!! Bitch, have you gone insane." Zander hissed as he caressed his ear lobe with the forefinger.

He only got a sweet cute smile in return from Ryley, "You can say that though. I really feel amazing. Returning to school never felt so amazing!"

"Yeah, yeah." Zander rolled his eyes. "I can see where this foolishness is coming from." He remarked, looking behind Ryley over Valen's figure that has kneeled to the ground. She was Ryley's mate. 

She was doing something. It was not visible but Zander could bet she was up to something foolish. 

"Ohh, her, she is playing with a caterpillar." Ryley answered his friend's unasked question as the two of them walked ahead, with their arms around each other's neck. 

Six months passed. That incident with the dark creature was thrilling. But thanks to the moon goddess, life was back on its track. Ryley, the alpha's son who hated his mate earlier, succeeded in bringing her back from the mouth of death after defeating the monster.

Although they succeeded in the battle of life, they failed in the battle of knowledge. Everyone from the bully gang failed their last year of higher secondary school.

Yep, they failed already but Alpha Hercules still ordered them to attend the first day of school of New academic year as he had something important to discuss. Yeah, today was the first day. Zander was not so very happy about it yet he had to come here.

It was funny and shameful because Valen passed her class and was promoted to the next class despite being the cause behind Ryley and his friends' failure. 

"Hii, Zander" Zander's heart skipped a beat when he saw Valen smiling at him with a wave of her hand.

She got up from the ground and joined Ryley on his side. He kind of stilled in his spot as she kept her gaze fixed on his face. She was beautiful. She was a gorgeous chick with heck of sex appeal. Valen looked amazing in her tight Jeans and crop top that revealed her bare smooth white skin.

'Freak, you can't look at her that way, Zander!'

He scoffed at himself.

Zander found his wolf snarling inside him ferociously. And Ryley noticed that. It was his varying feelings towards his friend's mate that were making things hard.

"Uhh, I need to go" He quickly announced and walked ahead earlier than Ryley or Valen asked him anything.

"He is really strange." Ryley heard Valen remark. "We were going inside the school, weren't we? Then why did he have to rush before us." Ryley shrugged his shoulders.

"Let us go inside." He slipped his arm behind her back and locked around her waist.


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