Chapter 4


'What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I feel so weird around her? Jeez, she should not affect me like that.'

Zander stared at his reflection in the restroom. He had his hands placed on the slab of the basin while his dark retina eyed at his own self in the mirror.

This was not a new thing for Zander. Such acts have become inevitable on his part ever since it is revealed that Valen was his mate. He cannot stop himself from getting influenced by her antics.

'She can't be mine. Nor is she my mate then why can't I cease myself from falling for her. Gosh, I will go crazy. This girl and her antics are driving me nuts. I need to get a hold on myself.'

Zander sighed as he wondered about his varying behaviour softly, making sure that he was not thinking loud enough for others to catch him. 

It was crazy. It indeed was. The girl whom he despised in the beginning has started playing with his senses all of a sudden. She was nobody but a mere human yet her affect on him was real strong. But it should not be. She was not supposed to attract him nor was he supposed to get influenced by her moves. This was unacceptable to feel that way not because she was a human but because she was his friend's mate. And Zander had legit seen Ryley put his life at risk just to save her.

"Alright, huh..." He splattered water on his face and wiped his skin with the back of sleeves. "Time to act like the typical Zander."

He looked at himself in the mirror for one last time before dashing out of the restroom.


In the canteen,

Chattering suddenly died as and when Zander Brown, the member of Bully gang (the wild wolves gang) gave his appearance in the canteen.

All the eyeballs moved in his direction watching him slowly walk towards their corner table while his hands rested pocketed inside his jeans.

The juniors assumed it must be a great academic year because the bully gang was in their last year of school. They were supposed to go to the university this year, weren't they? Many of the wolves sitting in the canteen wondered about the same question while gulping their saliva of anxiousness.

Everyone remembered what happened in the first month of school last year. They killed an innocent girl. Nobody would want to mess with them. Not even when they have separated.

Yeah, they have separated, haven't they? Hazel went back to Armenia with her father after her mate (Vivian) died. The others went their ways as well because the leader of their gang aka the alpha's son and the future Alpha Ryley Shine chose his human mate over Hazel who loved him more than anything. They have scattered like the coins on the carrom board that was hit by a striker. 

"I don't think we need to fear them any more. The Wild Wolves have dismantled I reckon." Zander stopped in his mid track, he took his time and enjoyed the increasing tension in the canteen before he moved around to look at the guy who stated that. 

He gave him a small mysterious grin, "You think so?" He arched a brow, while there, behind the guy's table the wild wolves gang entered hence skipping everyone's heart beats. 


Wild Wolves Gang 

Ryley Shine (the alpha's son) 

Zander Brown (the Beta's son) 




Hazel (Former member and Ryley's ex-girlfriend) 


(There are a lot of things that come from book 1, so it's recommended to read it before you begin this journey. A lot of flashback segments are going to appear that have to deal with the first book, that's why I would suggest you pick up the first book first. And I hope you liked this chapter. Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment and give five stars please.) 

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