Chapter 5


Fiery poured over Zander's face while his shoulders tensed up in a spooky manner. He looked normal in his black clothes. Even then everyone could imagine him as a devil with fire igniting out of his skull with melted skin and shoulders, like red hot filaments, as it is seen in the movie Ghost Rider. 

The horrors of everyone's faces came visible in the bright room as they saw the other bullies standing behind Zander while one of them (Ryley) walked toward the corner table and settled down there. 

Poor guy who just expressed his mere thought tightened his shoulders and held his breaths as he could see his death standing across him. 

"You were saying something buddy, weren't you?" Zander bent forward such that his facade was near the poor guy's ear while he sweated badly. 

He took a deep breath and raised his shivery arm to wipe his forehead, "I... I..." and miserably fumbled. 

The colour of his skin has drained out and seemed like he was a sun-baked toad. He pressed his mouth into a thin fearful line whereas a hostile smile played over Zander's lips. 

"I think I heard you talking about a dismantled gang! But what gang was it? And most importantly, why aren't we aware about this new gang in the school!" Zander turned around to face the others in the canteen.

He spread his arms wide in the air as though expressing his bewilderment and said, "Come on, we were out only for a few months but you already made new gangs and all, haan!" He talked to the entire crowd while their heads hung lower. 

Ryley ordered a cold coffee for himself as he watched his friends continue their Bullying. He wished to join them as he loved to do that, but he refrained from doing so because his mate (Valen) was sitting at one of the tables in the canteen and witnessing everything. 

She was his mate but not a part of his gang. So she preferred to sit with others from her class. Valen's frustration dazed Ryley. She had been his favorite target last year. She really suffered yet she had the guts to grit her teeth over Zander's dominance that he was showing at the moment. 

And since Ryley had promised her that he would not bully anyone anymore, he had to act as a silent spectator despite how much his heart wished to join his friends. He could change his behavior for her. But not his habits. 

"However," Ryley cut his gaze from Valen's thrilled facial expressions and glued it to Yeoman's as he ripped the silence with his voice. "They should know that there is only one gang that has monopoly in the school over everyone else. The Wild Wolves aka Us." He pointed at himself and then at others who were standing next to him. 

"Absolutely right. And my friend, since you have some doubts we have come to the conclusion that we would gladly help you know more about us." Zander said with an evil smile creeping on his face. "So please, allow us to serve you." 

He stared deep into his eyes before he got a hold of the guy's collar and dragged him out of his chair. 

" I.. I am sorry, Zander. I didn't... Didn't mean to offend you. I just thought... Thought..." The helpless guy stattered, watching The wild Wolves scattering in the canteen and gathering different objects that shall be used on him. "I am sorry, please don't hurt me. Please forgive me." He joined his hands in front of Zander. 

"Bloody bastard!" Zander swung his head in Valen's table's direction after he heard her swear on him while Ryley sighed in defeat. 

She was hard and stubborn, and the only one in. The school who dared to challenge the wild wolves alone. However, would Zander spare her today??? 


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