Chapter 116


A storm of grief, they never anticipated, knocked their senses down. 

Anyone and everyone, who walked inside the ward Zander's corpse was placed in, returned with an expressionless face. He was just too young to die. Nobody believed their eyes when they walked in, but when they returned, they realized it was indeed true. 

His parents and friends stayed lined up by the side of the wall adjacent to his ward's door, weeping.

His father had awoken with a smile, hoping to see the others safe within the boundaries of their pack- back in their sweet home. But the news he was dawned with, trembled his very core, muting him for several times before his wife broke into his ward. 

They held each other in a forlorn embrace and shared their pain. Their first child, their son... Was gone. 

The doctors warned him not to leave the bed yet Mr. Brown overstepped thei

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