Chapter 2

Savannah was sick the next morning. She was sneezing badly and felt weak to her entire body. Her cousin, Janette Easton was beside her, currently taking care of her.

Savannah was thankful that she had such a caring cousin. She couldn't have asked for the better one.

Yesterday, as soon as that man muttered his name. Savannah just flew from the scene, practically throwing him his umbrella back without saying other words. He was a bit confused, but she didn't care.

Savannah just sighed as she sneezed again.

Janette had forced her to drink the warm water she had just taken from the kitchen, while Savannah grumbled about not being thirsty anymore. Janette set the glass down after she was satisfied that Savannah had drunk half of it.

Janette proceeded to sit beside her, now began mumbling about her three years of boyfriend, Brandon Williams.

"He canceled another date yesterday," Janette grumbled. "You know what? I honestly just want to meet him since we rarely see each other again. Then, he suddenly became busy out of nowhere lately."

Savannah sniffled a little, trying to hold back the sneeze while she tried to listen to Janette's every word attentively. Her headache was making it felt a bit hard to. Janette had been complaining about her boyfriend for these past months.

Janette said that they had only met around two times this month even though he didn't live quite far away from here. Savannah thought that having a relationship was quite a pain.

Janette began mumbling about her worry that the boy might have found another girl. They were in high school, and the probability and he did was pretty high. They say that high school relationships rarely last long anyway.

Janette sighed sadly. She turned at Savannah for advice and was a bit surprised that the woman lying on the bed had drunk the entire glass of water down.

And darn, she looked quite angry too. Her pink nose flared as she tried to unwrap the thick blanket that covered her entire body. As soon as she finished, Savannah jumped out of the bed.

Janette instantly stood up, already know where this was going. Things could turn into a bloody one. "Whoa, whoa, hold your darn horses, woman. You are sick! You should stay in bed right now."

Savannah didn't listen that Janette had to pull her back into the room. Sure, for a sick woman she was quite strong too. Well, that was understandable since Savannah rarely got sick, only this time the combination of tiredness and cold did nothing good at her body.

Janette had difficulty making her stay in the room. She was forced to use her entire weight, hands, and even her feet. The two women end up wrestling on the floor.

"Get off me, you darn girl!" Savannah growled, already planning ways to murder the boy in her head. Her cousin was precious to her, like a little sister, so she wouldn't let anyone hurt her.

She had known Brandon since he dated Janette three years ago. He was a sweet and good boy, but that didn't mean that he couldn't do anything stupid.

Their wrestling was interrupted by the loud ring of a phone.

They stopped for a moment.

Then, ignored the voice and continued their brawl. Janette was sure her entire body would be sore as soon as this fight stopped. She had already felt that her hair was a tangled mess by now.

The ring didn't stop and it was getting more irritating as seconds passed. Both groaned and then stood up at the same time. Savannah picked up the phone, waited impatiently for the person on the other side to speak. She tapped her feet on the floor.

"We will continue this later," Janette caught Savannah faintly whisper. She rolled her eyes, facepalming at how weird her cousin was. But at least, she stopped going into an assassin mode.

"Hello, good morning. Is this Miss Easton's number?" The voice on the other side spoke in a formal tone. Savannah waited in anticipation as the person mentioned Techno Inc., the company she had applied to a week ago. She did apply to a lot of companies.

Janette's ears also perk up at the mention of that one famous company. Getting called by them specifically had to mean one thing.

A loud happy squeal was heard as soon as Savannah set the phone down. She immediately tacked the unsuspecting poor grandma into a hug, surprising the old woman. Luckily, the grandma had set the soup she had made for Savannah down.

Janette was also smiling happily. This was the first time she saw her cousin in a such happy and excited mood after a long time.

Savannah released the grandma and grinned up at her sheepishly. Grandma Sally just shook her head, already know what the news was as soon as she entered the bedroom. But, she was also happy for her oldest granddaughter.

Their family wasn't poor they were filthy rich. Her father owned a famous electronic company. It is just that she wanted to have experience in working before she took over her father's business.

She looked over Janette's direction and grinned at her. Janette grinned back at her. "You should treat me a lot of food sometimes."

Before Janette could even blink, Savannah had let out a sneeze, making the snot cover Janette's face. The three of them were standing in shock, mainly Janette.

Janette let out a squeal, hurriedly went to the bathroom to wipe the disgusting liquid off. She kept muttering angry curses at Savannah, that was until grandma scolded her.

Again, Savannah just smiled sheepishly at grandma. Grandma sighed, didn't understand why she had such weird girls as her granddaughter. Nonetheless, she was happy with them.

Grandma cleared her throat, motioning at the steaming soup on the table beside her bed. Savannah carefully began eating the whole thing down.

Grandma Sally was using the entire time she ate to lecture her to take care of her health. Savannah was such in a happy mood that she only went along and nodded at every grandma's words.

And, oh well, Savannah hadn't forgotten about her plan to murder Brandon. She had got a few ideas in her head.

When grandma wasn't looking, She only smirked silently at Janette who was busy washing her face repeatedly, grumbling about not wanting to get Savannah's germs on her.

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