Chapter 3

Savannah came to work on Monday morning. She had spent her entire weekend reading about their work contract, over and over again. She was just so excited to work there. This was the first time she worked at another company that wasn't her father's, and what made it more amazing was the fact that Techno Inc. was one famous company.

Peeking a little at the glassy and shiny door, Savannah tried to hold the grin that threatened to spread across her face. She scolded herself a little and told herself to act normal before they think that she was insane.

She arrived too soon in the morning, but she didn't really care. It gave her more time to inspect the magnificent tall building in front of her.

As soon as she satisfied inspecting the building, she carefully began entering it. It was still so silent, only a few people were inside. Some glanced at her, then went back to whatever they were doing, and some were didn't really care.

To say Savannah was a bit nervous was an understatement. She was very self-conscious that the voice of her shoes hitting the floor was resonating inside the room.

She was going about to approach a lady walked towards when someone suddenly entered her line of sight. She held back her surprise, smiling forcefully at him.

"Miss Easton?" He asked her with a kind expression. Savannah just nodded.

"Ah, the new receptionist," he looked at her calculatingly. Bright blue eyes seemed to study her entire figure, trying to decipher what kind of woman she was.

"Let me introduce myself. I am Andrew Henderson, the assistant," he held his hand out for her to shake, which she accepted politely.

"Savannah Easton," she said her name back. He nodded with a kind smile.

Savannah did the same, she studied his tall figure. He looked quite like the kind of man who was quite a perfectionist and a hard worker, proved by his neat appearance. The tone of his voice held no emotion at all, it was neutral and sounded formal.

"I am looking forward to work with you, Miss. If you have something to ask, don't hesitate to ask for my help," he offered, which Savannah was grateful for. She had just come to this city two weeks ago, so she also needed time to adapt to the new situation.

Ha had told her to call him by his first name now that they were colleagues. He also gave Savannah a little tour around the company, and she tried to remember as much place as she could.

She also met with a few people there. Some were kind and quite friendly, but some were pretty arrogant and dismissive as well. If they didn't want to get to know her better, Savannah had no problem with it. Not all people have to like you. There was always that kind of people everywhere.

Lastly, Andrew showed her the work desk which was near the entrance. He also explained almost everything regarding her task and even briefed her a little about their employer's rules.

Savannah nodded at his every word and listened to it attentively while trying to remember them. She was happy to work in a such magnificent company and she definitely didn't want to get fired so fast, so she had to obey every rule.

Unfortunately, today their employer was busy having a trip business in another city, so she didn't get to meet him directly. But, according to Andrew, he would be back exactly tomorrow.

Andrew excused himself as soon as the time to work started. Savannah began to do her job, delivering messages to important people around the building, taking notes, and also directing people to their necessities. While she had a little time to rest, she would use it to plan a certain scene...

By the end of her work time, she was satisfied. Working as a receptionist was a bit tiring, but she knew that she would get used to it soon. Her father taught her more about business and how she should interact with the businessman.

Savannah gathered her things together and put them into her small bag. It wasn't much anyway, some light makeup and her phone. She needed to go somewhere fast.

Andrew approach her and asked her to get coffee together. He said that as employees, they should get to know each other so that they won't be awkward. Savannah kindly rejected his offer, she had gotten some matters to be taken care of.

"Maybe another time," she offered. Andrew nodded at her offer. She bid him farewell and exited the building. She immediately ordered a cab to go to a certain place.


It was so silent and comfy inside. He had just eaten an entire pizza box by himself as he laid down on the sofa, feeling a bit content that he was full.

Slowly, he drifted into sleep. But, then...


The door slammed open made him jump in surprise that he fell from the sofa into the floor, head hitting the edge of the sofa as he came face-planted.

Brandon Williams immediately sat up, groaning at the pain in his head as he rubbed her hands on it, trying to ease the pain. He was about to scold whoever disturbed his precious sleep, but his face immediately turned into horror as he gazed worriedly at the person standing on the threshold.

And darn, she looked angry as hell!

Savannah was cracking her knuckles as she narrowed her eyes at the panicking boy. Brandon was looking around for an escape, but before he could even move by a centimeter, Savannah already had both her hands clutching onto his ears.

Brandon managed to crack a small wry and sheepish smile as he squeaked out, "Hi!"

Savannah didn't look impressed, proved by her pulling his ear roughly that he winced. After he realized that things about to turn bloody one that ended up with him having a few bruises, Brandon already cried out loud, "I am sorry! I didn't do anything I swear, I didn't steal Carrick's cat food. Maybe, it was another cat!"

Savannah pulled his ears more forcefully, making him cried out more a series of sorry. "You steal Carrick's food?"

Brandon shook his head furiously as he denied, "Of course not!"

Then, he realized something, "Wait! You don't come here to discuss that, do you?"

He sounded a bit relieved after that, but still wary. If you came here yourself, there must be something wrong since you usually would just scold him by phone. He didn't mind though, he regarded Savannah as his own sister. "What's the matter then?"

"Where have you been for these past months?" Savannah interrogated him.

Brandon sighed as he pulled himself from Savannah's painful clutch onto his ear and forced himself up to sit on the sofa.

"I was busy working, got a new job, and Mom was sick," he mumbled under his breath, but she could still hear it.

Savannah let out a breath and patted his back, "You could've told Janette about it. She would've helped you taking care of your mother. She was thinking the worst about you, you know? She thought that you cheated on her."

Brandon's eyes widened at this as he looked guilty, "I didn't know about that. I am sorry!"

Savannah rolled her eyes at him. "Save the sorry for Janette later. Fix your relationship, will you?"

With that, Savannah stood up. Brandon nodded at her gloomily. She excused herself, but not before she threw a plastic full of Cheetos and other snacks at him. Brandon happily accepted it, muttering his thanks and goodbye.

Savannah was about to close the door as she gave him a warning look, "I know you were the one who stole Carrick's cat food."

Brandon paled at that. She was sure, the scariest woman he had ever encountered in his life, well, besides his own mother.

He also noticed that he needed to fix his door...

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